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I'm 25 years old and have always had normal regular periods. I've never used "the pill" as a contraceptive.
On the 1st of September I had a D&C done due to a miscarriage (6-7weeks pregnant) on the saturday 25th of September I seemed to start my period, however there were no me trial cramps etc and it was very light, so light couldn't use a tampon and even with a pad on blood was only seen when I went to the loo.
It is now Friday and for the past 2 days I have been losing a lot of blood but only when I go for a wee, ( bight red blood gushes out) it still doesn't seem to flow freely from me (shown by the minimal amount of blood on my pad) but still pours from me when I wee. When will it stop? And is this even normal? It has started to get heavier and heavier and is almost resembling the same pattern I experienced when I had my miscarriage and thought I was having my period.

I'm panicking. Should I see my doctor or is this normal?:(

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