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Hello, I hope there are some ladies out there who can give me their thoughts on this. I am 22 years old, and basically healthy, other than a thyroid condition (hypothyroidism). I'm not overweight, don't smoke, etc, just generally in overall good health. The weekend before Thanksgiving, I had (protected) sex with my partner. Those dates were Nov. 18th, 19th, and 20th. My period was due on or around Dec. 8th (My previous period, in November, had begun on the 9th and lasted about seven days). On the 21st, I threw up four times--but I am 99% sure that was just a stomach flu, since pregnancy symptoms do not show up overnight!!!--and that went away the following morning. Well, moving on....The last week of November, I started to cramp. They were what felt like ovulation pains, mainly on the right side. I have a cyst IN one ovary and a cyst or two ON my other ovary---so I figured it was just the cysts causing me discomfort, nothing too out of the ordinary. I also had some bleeding--nothing heavy, really, just some bright pink and red blood, but THIN (only way to describe it) not thick blood like you have with a period. So...a day or two...maybe three...?...pass without the cramps and bleeding! Yay! But then guess what? More ovary pains...these got rather annoying and kinda bad...Next night, I see some pink spotting. More ovary pains--but this time, there are a couple of odd/different, 'sharp,' abrupt pains, in the UTERINE area, not my ovaries---Like, on the left side of my uterus--And this was odd, so I was wondering if maybe this was implantation cramping? Since it was in the center, as opposed to the sides where my ovaries were causing me pain? Well, the spotting continues. I have to wear a tampon now, but I am in NO WAY 'filling it'--Fairly light bleeding, on and off, stopping and starting (very frustrating, not knowing whether or not it was safe to go without a panty liner or anything..) And then, last night--BOOM!-I started to really pick up the bleeding. Darker pink, then light red. Now, today, I have had a lot of cramping, on and off, and my bleeding has increased dramatically, with small dark clots/pieces of tissue. I can only wear a tampon for about an hour 1/2 without it being soaked and also getting on my underwear. I am bleeding worse this month than I did last month, for sure. It is really starting to concern me...because I think I may be having a miscarriage, as I said before. I did not take an HPT, but have to tell you, my instinct was that I was pregnant. I was frequently nauseous--in fact, I still have my Pepto Bismol and Tums right here by my computer. At random times I would feel very sick but then, it would just subside. I was craving chocolate milk, had headaches from time to time, was quite hungry, and a couple of nights ago, I nodded off on the couch when I'd had enough sleep the night before and shouldn't have been so tired. I understand that these are also PMS symptoms--but you have to remember that my period wasn't supposed to start till around Dec. 8th. So technically, my bleeding started about 11-12 days before it was supposed to..then stopped...then picked up again and is now VERY heavy and so dark, this blood. Not to be disgusting, but I can't even cough without worrying that I'm going to leak and mess up what I'm wearing. I am not sure if I was pregnant or not...but all I can say is that combined with the pregnancy symptoms I had, I was also SO, SO happy...I felt a sense of calm, of peace, even when the light spotting started, because I just KNEW I was pregnant..I felt so much happiness, even though it was for a short time. My question is for women who have experienced miscarriage before, or if you know someone who has---Do you think I could be having a miscarriage? Also, any other info you could give me about your symptoms, duration, anything like that, would be so greatly appreciated. I apoligize for writing so much...but this is so important to me. I am grieving inside for what I feel to be a true loss...even though I did not take an HPT, and never knew I was even pregnant...I DID 'know'...Does that make any sense? I hope someone can help me. And yes, if the bleeding gets really bad, I promise to go to the ER. Thank you everyone. Much love and baby dust to you all....

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