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I wanted to share some information that may help others. I just recently lost my daughter at 19 weeks gestational. Throughout the pregnancy I had some unexplained bleeding. Sometimes the bleeding was so bad even with clots I went to the ER and they found nothing that would have caused the bleeding. The baby was always fine as well as my placenta. They told me that it was normal for some woman to have bleeding. (I should have never taken that for an answer). The morning I lost my daughter I awoke to contractions and then shortly after my water broke; the rest is history. In the hospital they ran my blood. A few weeks later It came back that I have a gene mutation called MTHFR. It causes my blood to clot and is probably the reason I lost Sophia. They found a large blood clot behind my placenta.
I have never known that I had this mutation and I have two prior children. (I had pre eclampsia with the first and some minor bleeding with both the second child I had high BP towards the end; induced with both).
A MTHFR mutation may go undiagnosed until a woman has experienced several pregnancy losses. Some women with this mutation have trouble conceiving or have early miscarriages. I have always had a hard time getting pregnant. It took 5 years with my first and five years of trying unsuccessfully with my second and ended up doing IUI. When I had my "full work up" at the infertility clinic, they could not figure out why I had a hard time getting pregnant. They never tested for this at all. My diagnosis was unexplained infertility.
If anyone experiences bleeding during pregnancy or having difficulty getting pregnant and sustaining a pregnancy, please talk to your doctor about having lab work done to see if you have this OR Factor V Leiden. It is rarely tested for and could make a huge difference. This is all treatable, it just starts with a diagnosis. I'm just hoping that this helps someone out there and saves a baby.
T-after loss,

I'm sorry for your loss too. I know how hard it is to go on without your baby with whom you should be holding. =( I think about my daughter everyday.

I would encourage you to have blood work to see if you are positive for this mutated gene - MTHFR. If you are positive and become pregnant again, you should see a high risk obgyn. In their testing, make sure they are testing for all the blood disorders such as factor V leiden; might as well rule them all out.

One of the problems with this gene mutation is your body does not absorb folic acid and you would need to be on a special vitamin that has folic acid in methylfolate form. I need extra B-6 and B-12 as well. Folic acid also help in controlling your homocysteine levels as well. When you homocysteine levels are high, you could develop blood clots. When I lost the baby, my homocysteine levels were normal and I still had a blood clot, so that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

I'm currently pregnant again and I'm waiting for my appt with a high risk ob. Some people who have this need to take daily injections of a blood thinner. I'm not sure if I have to or not, we'll see.

Best of luck to you, lots of baby dust!!

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