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... I did loose my baby at 36 weeks gestation but never had a miscarriage before that. However, I did have a friend years ago who I believe also had 9 miscarriages and then did get pregant finally and have a healthy boy. ... (15 replies)
... I have had the same problems. I have had 5 miscarriages and my fertility doctor tested me for APA (which was positive) and ANA (which was negative meaning I have it). He started me on Heparin injections and prednisone and I am happy to say I am finally 14 weeks pregnant. Push for testing, it's expensive, but worth it. I am still really nervous, but finally have some... (15 replies)
... Oh Honey. I am so sorry for your losses. I couldn't imagine nine miscarriages. I have had a stillborn and one miscarriage and losing a child is so devestating no matter how far along you are. I think you should see another doctor. If they are not concerned with this there is something wrong there. My doc started testing after my stillborn baby. We didn't find anything wrong... (15 replies)

... It really is strange that no one has at the very least suggested genetic counselling (forgot to mention to have that one done...can be very expensive). With my last miscarriage they sent a part of the placenta in to be tested for genetic defects...I'm still waiting on the results though (it can take a long's been 3 months tomorrow). I had 6 miscarriages (four in a... (15 replies)
... I'm so sorry for your's so extremely difficult. One miscarriage is hard to bear...nine is incomprehensible!! I would suggest that you request a full clotting panel be done. My lab sheet lists the test as a: Phospholipid syndrome/ lupus anticoagulant comprehensive panel. It's three pages worth of tests. It's very thorough and will determine if you have a clotting... (15 replies)
... You know you miscarry once or twice and put it down to bad luck, but now 9 times later I can't go through miscarry a baby again, and again... ... (15 replies)
... Hi there, I'm so sorry to hear what's been happening to you! If you don't mind me asking, are you the one that was in the July mommies board? If you are, I followed your story when you announced you weren't pregnant after all and then had good news nontheless! And now this! I went in there to read because I would have been a July mommy too, but miscarried after six weeks... it... (15 replies)
... I went on to try a 3rd time to get pg and I had a healthy baby boy who is now 4. Before the miscarriages I had another healthy boy who is now 8 so I'm blessed. Miscarriage is not easy, but the experience is different for all women. ... (5 replies)
... I am 29 years old and already have one beautiful two year old daughter. We have now been trying to conceive for over 1 year now. In this time we have had 3 miscarriages {all between 6 - 9 weeks}. My Gyno has advised me that i have abnormal antibodies that appear to be untreatable and result in my body rejecting a foetus. His solution was to take 1/2 an asprin a day which... (3 replies)
... t and we are a couple years older. It was after we had our DD that he found out about his low levels. He then went on test replacement for over a year. After TTC 9 months we saw a specialist who told us to get off the test right away. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you. I'm so scared of losing this baby, as I had a miscarriage back in March when I was 6 weeks along. I started out with spotting just like this pregnancy, except within a week I lost the baby. I have two older boys 12 and 9. I'm 35 years old and this will be my last baby regardless of what happens. I can't go through this stress again. Thanks helen08 for... (4 replies)
Miscarriage #9
Jan 13, 2006
... I am so sorry for your miscarriages. (((HUGS))) (2 replies)
Miscarriage #9
Jan 11, 2006
... Hello everyone :wave: Sadly I'm here for the same reasons as you all - I have miscarried my nineth baby on the 23rd November 2005. I have had some tests to find out why this is happening so often. The first on I had done was a sleep study to test for sleep apnea. The results came back that I have it. Sleep apnea is where you stop breathing during your sleep, your body... (2 replies)
... weepyone I'd listen to your 'rants' all day :-) I am going to see if the library has some of those really good books on m/c to help the healing happen. Lostmyself I feel very sorry for your losses, I can't imagine 10 it's horrific enough to loose one or two but recurrent m/c's are dreadful. Planting something in the garden, helps as well. I'm about to plant herbs this... (15 replies)
... I am so very sorry for you losses. I myself hit M/C #10 last month. Devastating and frustrating. I do not know why this keeps happening and YES some dr's are completely useless in this situation. I have had no luck in finding one good, HUMAN doctor in all of this and I have been TTC for 3years now. It's tough but wanting a child is such a strong desire.. it's so hard to give... (15 replies)
... shining i know what you mean about waiting for medical attention in pregnancy. after my previous m/c i wanted support and monitoring in the beginnng but had to wait till i was 10 weeks to see the midwife i was a mess in this time. you would think it had been realised by now that women need support in the beginning when risk of m/c is at its highest especially for those women... (15 replies)
... Thankyou all so very much for your kind words and helpful advice and concern for what has happened to us. I tried to write something yesterday but the words just weren't there, I realise that I'm grieving. It's also hard when you realise that you've had ingnorant/arrogant Doctor's in the past that truly haven't wanted to know about it and then when it happens again you... (15 replies)
... shining star I just cannot believe that no medical staff thinks this is strange, to have nine m/c's!! Even my doctor, with whom I had some disagreements on how they treated me when the m/c happened to me, said that after the second m/c they will start to investigate. Is it different from state to state maybe? I know now how devastated it feels after only just one m/c! And... (15 replies)
... shining star i am so sorry for your losses :angel: . i would ask for recurrent m/c to be investigated as it may well be something that can be treated with something like meds which may then lead to sucess for you. I read some really good books on m/c but i can't post the titles to you, have a look around i am sure good book stroes will have them in. i think not having... (15 replies)
... befer70 yes that was me, I felt pregnant even when I had a test that said I retried and yes it confirmed how I was feeling - over the moon!! I really thought that this was going to be it that I would be able to go to term and hold our baby. Your right the medical staff are reluctant to do anything because your less than 12 weeks pregnant. It's like a legal... (15 replies)

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