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Hello Everyone,

D&C/ April 4th 2012*

So here it is June 13th and i got my first period yesterday morning, I have a medium flow with no clots and now I have a bit of clotting and more cramping. Do you think that since it has been a while that's bringing on the clots?

~My Story
In February of this year I found out that I was pregnant. I was a bit scared but very happy at the same time because I thought that I couldn't conceive, a Doctor had never told me that but it was my own thought... After taking the pregnancy tests I went to Planned Parenthood so that it was documented and so that I could get insurance asap. My appointments with my Doctor's were great and everything looked fine, nothing abnormal going on at all. Going based off of my period they had calculated that I was 6 weeks on February 8th, which was incorrect, I remember at one of my appointments my Doctor had used the tool to find a heartbeat and couldn't which I thought was a little weird but she assured me everything was fine and that the baby could be further back so it can be hard to hear sometimes. The first ultrasound was March 16th I was so overwhelmed with happiness! My mom, sister and boyfriend went with me, once she had started the ultrasound I was just lying there, feeling nothing at all and I couldn't figure out why. I had seen the baby and smiled only once, the ultrasound tech. was very quiet which made me think even more... She then told me that "I wasn't as far along as they thought". Left the room and came back with the Doctor, I knew then that something was wrong. He told me that they couldn't find a heartbeat and that it was nothing I did, said it was chromosomal abnormalities. By this time everyone in the room was crying, I think the technician shed a few tears, I went and spoke with a few other doctors they gave me 3 options, Naturally, Pill, or a D&C. I went with natural, he further explained to me what to expect and if it didn't happen within a month then we would be forced to do a D&C because the risk of infection and if I had started bleeding to go to the emergency room. The first week went by and nothing, no blood, no pain, nothing. On March 28th I had went to the bathroom and noticed a bit of blood but still no pain, so i went to the ER just to be safe, the doctor there was so rude and he kept asking me "Why are you here?"... they had done a vaginal exam said that i still wasn't dilated and that the baby was still in there, he called my doctor and they talked about a D&C i said no that i wanted this to happen naturally, so i went home. The next evening I went to the bathroom and started freaking out the bit of blood from the day before turned into baseball sized blood clots... immediately my mom and sister took me to the ER, I passed so much blood and clots while i was waiting when i finally got into see the doctor he couldn't find my pulse and thought i lost a little too much blood, said i was dehydrated and put me on a drip. Vaginal exam was done, ultrasound was done, still no changes. Again another doctor came in and asked me if i would like the D&C procedure done still my answer was no, he told me he thought that i was doing the right thing letting nature take its course and to hang in there gave me something for the pain and went on my way... I went for my follow up appointment with my doctor on April 4th still no progress, she told me that she didn't think we should wait any longer because the risks of infection and couldn't figure out why it wouldn't come out, so i agreed. I had the operation done two days after that April 6th, I was very nervous because i was told that there's risks of damaging your uterus a 1% chance and with my luck i would be that 1%. Surgery went fine, no holes in my uterus. :) They told me to take it easy, pelvic rest for two weeks... Follow up with my doctor, my uterus was good and strong and everything looked fine. They told me to wait until i had two normal periods to try again... but if it were to happen the chances of another miscarriage are the same as any pregnancy and that everything would be alright... I haven't technically tried but I do want to... just waiting a bit longer i suppose.

**To everyone who's gone through the same thing my heart goes out to you, getting pregnant is not as easy as some women make it out to be. ;) Either is carrying the baby... It will happen, just keep on keeping on.

To anyone who reads My story, bless your heart. I didn't realize it was so long!
I just wanted to tell you I read your story. I'm sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage in 2009. I'm still not past it and I don't think I ever will be. But in time it does get better. I tried 4 months later and I got pregnant with my first son. Good luck to you.
Thank you, I'm hoping to try again sometime this year I just want to give my body some time to heal. I'm sorry for your loss, it really is something horrible and nobody should go through it. I'm at peace with it some-what. :)
This story is so sad, my heart goes out to you both ladies! I hope you will give your body the neccessary time to heal and try again when you are ready! Stay strong and positive.
Hello everyone im very new to this but i lost my twin girls tuesday night and i was 16 weeks along and was wondering if i should do a D&C i called my midwife and said its a personal choice but others say you need it . Im very confused on what to do this has been very hard on me .. I was wondering if you guys might be able to help me because i didnt know with being farther along it would come naturally or i needed the procedure . This has been very difficult my spouses ship date is july 14th and hes been very to himself about the situation . I know he loves our girls like me but i just feel really alone and in need of advice. I am so sorry for your losses after i lost mine i feel like i lost my world .

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