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[QUOTE=no34evr;5029291]Hi, gosh this has got to be driving you crazy with worry I'm so sorry you are having to go thru it. I do have a question, is the blood red or brown? Reason being if its brown its old blood from last month (from what I remember I am now menopausal so its been some time for me) and that is a better sign.

Otherwise I think its hard to tell if you're miscarrying or not except w/ that bloodtest or ultrasound. Hope everything turns out ok, ((((HUGS)))) cj[/QUOTE]
Thank you so much for responding!! Yes it is driving me crazy!! I've been on the Internet all night last night and all day today trying to find out something. When it comes out it looks dark maroonish in color. It's not bright red or anything. And sometimes there are tiny pieces of clots every once in a while but not a lot. And I'm not cramping at all. Also, during my last pregnancy I kept getting cysts just inside the vaginal area the size of golf balls. My ob/gyn dr had to lance and drain it several times until I had surgery to remove the remaining cyst and open whatever was clogged on the inside that was causing the cysts. I don't know if that will help with getting a better idea if I'm having a miscarriage or not. I hope it does though. I had a threatened miscarriage before but I was like 2 or 3 months by then so, the drs were able to find out what was going on by doing a ultrasound. Thank you again!! I really appreciate it. Me and my husband prays that everything will be ok!!

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