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Been TTC for 1 1/2 years, just recently tryed to stop stressing about trying to get pregnant and was suprised when I was a day late on my period.
11/11: Last menstral
11/25: Suspected ovulation
11/26: Only intercourse during cycle
12/9: Missed period
12/10: Faint line positive HPT
12/12: Started cramping on left side (pain continued to get worse everyday from here)
12/14: Started spotting (went to ER: HCG 40, ultrasound showed a "golfball size" cyst on my left overy, but no sac to be seen)
12/16: Follow up in ER and pain increased: HCG 80, ultrasound showed the cyst had grown but still no sign of sac
12/21: Went to ER 2AM because pain was getting worse, bleeding increased (mostly dried blood when I wiped but bursts of red blood at times, mostly when up and about): HCG 178 Later on that night my 4 year old hit her knee right where my cyst pain was while I was laying in bed, the pain took my breath away but after my pain was completely gone for a few days, then slowly crept back on. I did not start bleeding more then I already was when this happened so I did not return to ER at this time.
12/22: HCG 333 (still low but increased good)
12/26: HCG 880
12/28: Went to ER for increased pain and bleeding, HCG 1317, ultrasound showed cyst but much smaller then before (feels like it is growing again) and again no sign of sac anywhere (I was in ultrasound for an hour with the tech looking around my whole abdomial cavity) but there was material in my uterus that they said could be the remains of the sac yet not completely sure. ER Dr. called it a missed abortion, said I will most likely will start bleeding more over the weekend, yet my cervix was still closed so it was uncertain.
12/29: Today I am cramping and bleeding more (continuous red blood, with discharge and recently discovered blood clots), I feel weak and have body aches. I was told to go to ER if pain or bleeding got worse but they cant do anything for me so I feel it is pointless and I just feel too weak and yucky to sit in there to be turned away.
My OB that I had with my 4 year old is retired from OB so I had to get a new one so I havent even met her yet. My first appointment is Jan 15. I called her with these problems the Monday following my first 2 ER visits (as the ER Dr. told me and wrote on my discharge papers to "SEE" (as writen in all capitals by the ER Dr.) my OB or one of her associates. My new OB's assistant (since I was not allowed to actually see or talk to my OB) told me that my OB wanted a new HCG test done a week from then and that she would talk to me in 2 weeks. 2 WEEKS? The ER Dr, said it could be an ectopic and that I needed to be checked every 2 days and montered by my OB. When the OB assistant called me two weeks later she left a message saying the OB wants 1 more test done next week and that she feels good about seeing me Jan 15, which is more than 2 weeks. I feel a little neglected. My first and only other pregnancy I had preclamsia and went temp blind and into eclamptic seizures during labor causing me to have an emergency C-section and extremely close to going into ICU after surgery. My appedix burst threatening my life when I was 9 due to Dr not watching and listening to me. I am not new to rare and life threating situations and I do not appreciate being treated like its so rare that something bad will happen so lets not watch for it. I have 3 herniated discs and athritis in my low back causing chronic pain that I handle with no medications, I handle pain well and I feel that is why I get treated like I dont have any what so ever.
I just want to know if anyone has a similar situation or signs of anything I should watch for. I know there is still a possiblity of early pregnancy, miscarriage, chemical pregnancy, and ectopic pregnancy. I have been checking my cervic with gloves (because the Dr told me that it was closed but if it opens the pregnancy is over) so I knew what it felt like closed and it is still closed.

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