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This is/was my first pregnancy. I am confused and could do with some advice...I was first scanned on 24th june, yolk sac and foetus seen was size of about 6 weeks but no heartbeat visible. They booked me for rescan a week later, no change in size so was diagnosed with a missed miscarriage. Decided to let my body deal with it on its own so had been having scans every 2 weeks to keep an eye on me. 3 weeks ago I had a massive haemorrhage and was admitted to Hosp on a drip, soaked through 5 pads in 10 mins and was still pouring out of me into the toilet, all very scary. The bleeding carried on for hours in Hosp and eventually stopped on its own. They let me go and booked me for a scan the following week. At this scan no foetus or sac was visible but she could see a lot of clots and other matter in there so assumed I was due another bleed but had at least passed the baby (or so we thought!), that was 2 weeks ago. Went for another scan today and she said the clots etc were greatly reduced (was 30mm before but now only 13 mm of clots etc). However I haven't really bled much more since haemorrhage just spots here a there. But she says she can now see a sac again about the size of 5 weeks!!!! Its the same sonographer and she isn't too sure what to make of it! Says I could be preg again or maybe they could of just missed it last time? I'm so confused. My haemorrhage was 3 weeks ago, they said that the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks but preg test at Hosp was positive today. Has anyone else had similar experience? When I miscarried this early in pregnancy and apparently pass the foetus that long ago is it normal to have a positive pregnancy test this late in proceedings? I did have unprotected sex with hubby a few weeks before haemorrhage as didn't think you could carry a baby (dead or otherwise) and still get pregnant but we have used condoms since then, I suppose its possible one of them failed. They have booked me for a rescan in a week, dont know what to make of it all. Please Help!

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