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About two months ago I had an early miscarriage. I didn't miss a day of work and felt that staying at home would be a waste of time and only drive me to dwell on something that I could not change. It was a Monday morning I was at work when I realized that the day before, I had a miscarriage and was bleeding. I was losing the pregnancy. I did not know what to do and I do not know how I felt at that time. Two weeks after the miscarriage, I became unable to work. I have been off since then. I went through a lot of stress which I hear doesn't impact the chances of a miscarriage. It has been more difficult that I thought it would be. I had a lot of anxiety about having another child. 13 years prior I had a pregnancy that was filled with emotional pain and went through postpartum and other health issues. It took me a lot of processing to get to a point where I felt I could go on and have the children I always wanted but now, I'm paralyzed with anxiety and depression and don't know how to work through this. I don't know what I'm looking for but I know that I need to reach out and try...something.

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