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... hello everyone. i was 10 weeks pregnant when i had a miscarriage. the heartbeat of the fetus stopped. i didnt really bleed a lot after D&C. it was more like old blood. its been almost a month since my D&C and i got my periods.they are actually better than before.the bleeding is normal and i am not cramping, which i use to a lot. my doctor also said i should just wait till my... (1 replies)
Period after D&C
Apr 19, 2007
... and are going to start after the may long weekend which is another month away. Fingers crossed I get pregant by June that would mean edd around March 2008..... ... (5 replies)
... So it's been 6 weeks since my d&c.. I've pretty much had light bleeding/spotting since the procedure. Apparently, I have bled into my period. The past 3 nights... I have had TERRIBLE cramps. I've had these cramps before during periods but you know, they last for a few minutes at a time. Well these do NOT go away, hours and hours they last. And it's weird b/c they are only at... (1 replies)

... After 8 weeks of waiting for AF to arrive after D&C, it was extremely light/spotting for just 4 days. I was wondering, does anyone know if it being so much lighter than a regular AF mean that the walls of the uterus isn't completely back to normal (fully lined), and this could be a reason for a POSSIBLE miscarriage again if I TTC too soon? Is this why maybe lots of doctors... (2 replies)
Ivf after D
Sep 17, 2008
... How long to wait to do ivf after D (0 replies)
... I started my period 45 days after D&C and it was major cramping or bleeding just a normal AF (9 replies)
... Mine came 3 days after D&C (3 replies)
... nant. I was a bit scared but very happy at the same time because I thought that I couldn't conceive, a Doctor had never told me that but it was my own thought... After taking the pregnancy tests I went to Planned Parenthood so that it was documented and so that I could get insurance asap. ... (5 replies)
... Hi all, I was just wondering about people's experiences with ovulation after D&C. I got pregnant at the end of March 2009, and found out at my first prenatal appointment in May that there was no heartbeat. I had a D&C on May 14. My doctor told me to wait one cycle before trying to get pregnant again. I tracked my BBT for about half of the cycle after the m/c, and then was... (2 replies)
... As for what u saw - could it have been the actual sac? Maybe he missed it doing the d&c and did not want to admit it. I have heard of some women getting 2 & 3 d&cs for one lost pregnancy. I remember when I passed my sac in the hospital - I was using a porta potty as per nurses instruction. When it came out I felt it and it made a thud and looking at it it was obviously... (3 replies)
... sound and said it was because I had large amounts of blood and blood clots. I had been expelling these clots all day, some bigger than others. But, a few hours after I returned home from the ER, I passed a large piece of fleshy tissue...not the baby thank god....but a large "muscley" looking piece... ... (3 replies)
... and began bleeding a few days later. The first week was like a period then after that, it's just been light bleeding. ... (0 replies)
... I would think that that would be the reason. I'm not positively sure, but I think that after the D&C, your uterus would be devoid of the normal tissues and menstrual blood. After all, the lining was being used to nourish the baby, and during the D&C, the lining would have been flushed away as if you had your menstrual cycle. If it continues happening, I'd see a doctor because... (2 replies)
Period after D&C
Mar 27, 2007
... i think everybody is different concerning after you have a D & C, after i m/c in dec i didn't have a d&c but i bled for two weeks after that then of and on every other week until my regular period didn't start coming until March, so i hope you start a regular period so you can keep track of it hope this helps (5 replies)
Pain after D & C
Sep 15, 2008
... I had a D&C this past friday for a missed miscarriage. The sac was measuring 8 1/2 weeks and the embryo was measuring 7 1/2 weeks and no heartbeat. Well, anyway, I have been having pain in the abdomen that really doesn't feel like cramping. It almost feels like real bad gas pains. (like after an abdominal surgery) They are from the mid-abdomen down to the pelvic area. ... (0 replies)
... in Oct. and I didn't bleed for a few days after it. Like four days. Only light spotting. ... (4 replies)
Sex after D&C
Jul 30, 2006
... I'm just curious if this has anything to do with the D&C... (Sorry if this is TMI) My DH & I had sex for the first time last night since I had a D&C July 12 (2 1/2 wks ago). It was very uncomfortable, like I was cut from the outside in?? It was bearable pain, and I just figured maybe it was just that one time? Well we did it again today, and it was a little more... (4 replies)
... Well we went back to the Dr today for the 2 week check up after my D&C. What an awful day! It was 2 weeks ago today that we walked into that Dr's office thinking we were going to see our little bean on a sonogram & hear its little heart beating... instead we left there with an appt for a D&C the very next day. I was put in the same room as last time & had to look at the... (1 replies)
UTI after D&C
Jun 2, 2005
... C. I have had this for week and did not know until I went to the DR and told him I thought I had this. Otherwise I thought it was bad cramp. Well, after my cycle I still have pain in my lower stomach and lower back. I have had antiobiotics for 4 days tomorrow is the last day. I hope this all ends soon. ... (8 replies)
... I had a D&C Nov. 21st and my period started Dec. 4th. I got pregnant again exactly one month after my D&C. Sooooooo, have you had unprotected sex lately??? If not then maybe you will have your period soon. Your body may just be taking it's time!! In which case CAN be a blessing! (1 replies)

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