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... Well, after my D&C I had 2 weeks of bleeding which is normal. I had a regular cycle on the 3rd week but lots of cramping and lower back pain more than the usual. I had an ultrasound today at my regular GP's office which revealed that some products of conception are still inside of me that is why I am having all this pain. I was sent directly to the OBGYN and told to have... (2 replies)
... e as my cervix was open by the time I got to the er, and dialated fully for the miscarriage. I will say, I had huge blood clots after that miscarriage, and my period was heavier a month afer. Either way, the whole thing really stinks! ... (4 replies)
... very badly and my cervix was still closed. When I woke up after surgery I was on a pitocin drip, I guess that was to open up my cervix during the procedure and to help my cervix contract back to normal afterwards. ... (4 replies)

... I wish I had info for you. Then again, I'm glad I havne't had that experience. But still I don't know. I was worried about bleeding two weeks after my D&C, so I called my ob and he reassured me. i felt a lot better. for nothing else then peace of mind, call your doctor and tell him. (4 replies)
... As for trying after miscarriage...I really think it depends how far along you are. ... (4 replies)
... discharge for 2 months after and finally, after having an ultrasound, revealed it was blood that was "stuck." So I was given Provera for 10 days to jumpstart a period and hopefully remove that blood. ... (1 replies)
... I was bleeding for about 5 days after i passed the foetus. ... (1 replies)
... c ended. Of course I was so early both times that it was just like a heavy AF anyway. I was told to wait 6 mos. after the first, and then 3 mos. after the 2nd. If it happens again I probably won't wait, since it didn't seem to help the first 2 times. ... (5 replies)
... just talk and go over test results, so I will ask him then if I'm still bleeding, but I was just wondering if it is out of the ordinary to be so heavily bleeding after the baby has passed. Thanks! ... (1 replies)
TTC After M/C....
Feb 22, 2007
... c I had the best EWCM I have ever had after my bleeding stopped. ... (5 replies)
... weeks ago i found myself 38 and pregnant, after the intial shock of thinking that we were only to enjoy grandbabys my hubby and i were delighted. Very early this morning i awoke to a pool of blood in our bed. ... (2 replies)
... I bled for 2 months after that, until finally she put me on birth control pills to get my cycles regulated. I took them for 3 months. ... (4 replies)
... Hi everyone. I fell pregnant with an IUD in and foun out 2 weeks ago. The nurse removed my IUD and later that day I had some bleeding. For the last few weeks I've been very lightly bleeding on and off and has lots of brown blood. I went to be scanned last week to rule out ectopic pregnancy etc and they couldn't find anything. I was 7 wks 1 day. And I was scanned twice. I... (2 replies)
... I can imagine how frustrating it is to figure out your ovulation when your cycles are so long. I know after full term pregnancies some women need a shot to stimulate ovulation again, but I don't know about after miscarriage. ... (2 replies)
Feb 3, 2009
... what if i had sex four days after a D&C (1 replies)
... I also had prolonged bleeding after my m/c and D&C. My next 2 periods were wacky also. I was upset and thought my doctor did something wrong, but everything was fine. I am now 7 months pregnant and everything is going okay so far. I would suggest waiting a few months before you try to get pregnant again. I wish you luck and lots of sticky baby dust! :angel: (3 replies)
... I bled for 2 weeks after my D and E. I also had cramping. My bleeding did stop and then start again. Exactly 28 days after the procedure I had my first period. My guess would be that you are perfectly fine. If you are concerned, it doesn't hurt to check with your doctor to confirm. ... (4 replies)
Bleeding after Sex
Nov 14, 2008
... Thank you for the words, but I just came back from the DR. and she seem fairly certain that I am miscarrying. She was not able to see the heartbeat. She wanted to schedule a D&C already. She made it sound like there was no hope at all. So here I am again. With more worry and more ?s. She said the blood flow around the sac is a strong indication that the "fetus is nonviable".... (3 replies)
... Hi Marcey, First of all I really feel for you.. My circumstances are slightly different, but a loss of life is involved.. last week I went for my 20 week scan and they told me that there was no heartbeat... I then had to go into hospital to deliver my baby girl, which was the hardest thing I ever had to do... I then had to make the decision of whether to have tests done on... (3 replies)
... I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my twin boys about the same age as you lost your baby. They made me have a d&c, because they was afraid of hemorraging if I delivered. They had twin to twin transfusion. To this day I wish I could of delivered and see my boys, but for my health and my children at home , I agreed to a d&c. I dont know why these things happen, I sure... (9 replies)

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