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... C after mine. I dont think it lasted but a couple days but I did. ... (3 replies)
... It really depends on your dr as to when they will suggest you can try again but it's widely accepted that it is safe after one normal cycle. ... (14 replies)
... I'm so sorry. I did not have a molar pg, but I did have a m/c in Mar. The Dr believed I had twins as well. I was due Nov 2nd, so I too think about what it would be like now - 5 months in - feeling movement. We have been ttc again for about 2 mos & I am sooooooo very sorry that they ask you to wait a year now. I know there are always stories of miracles like that lady -... (6 replies)

... but 5 years after going off the bc pill I found myself pregnant with my 2nd absolutely beautiful son. ... (4 replies)
Pg test after mc
Jun 27, 2005
... how soon after a mc will a pregnancy test read negative? ... (6 replies)
... E procedure and my period came 29 days after I had it done. I'm not really sure when I might have ovulated...wasn't in my intrest at that time! ... (9 replies)
... lot of people, for this very concern, who have gotten pregnant after a miscarriage before having a cycle and carried a healthy baby to term. ... (4 replies)
... Hey everybody! Just thought that I'd update everybody on the latest. We had our first scan yesterday at 12 weeks and 6 days of my wife's pregnancy. Everything is apparently fine so far. This first trimester was competely different from last year's. This year she has been nausious and vomiting very frequently, whereas last year the first trimester was a breeze. They say... (11 replies)
... This story is so sad, my heart goes out to you both ladies! I hope you will give your body the neccessary time to heal and try again when you are ready! Stay strong and positive. (5 replies)
... Thank you, I'm hoping to try again sometime this year I just want to give my body some time to heal. I'm sorry for your loss, it really is something horrible and nobody should go through it. I'm at peace with it some-what. :) (5 replies)
... I just wanted to tell you I read your story. I'm sorry for your loss. I had a miscarriage in 2009. I'm still not past it and I don't think I ever will be. But in time it does get better. I tried 4 months later and I got pregnant with my first son. Good luck to you. (5 replies)
... To anyone who reads My story, bless your heart. I didn't realize it was so long! (5 replies)
... I am 26 years old and have: endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, tilted uterus, history of pre-invasive cervical cancer and a blood clotting disorder. I have had 2 miscarriages already. I found out I was pregnant about 3 weeks ago. I had a sonogram today that revealed the pregnancy is not viable and they suspect a molar pregnancy by what they saw on the sonogram. They also... (0 replies)
... First of all, I'm sorry you are dealing with this. I think everyone is different. One friend took about a month. Another had not at that point so they did the procedure. If the body does not expell it in a reasonable amount of time, you really need to have the D & C. (2 replies)
... Did you find out what happened? How far along were you? Did you have a D&C? That can cause scarring in your uterus that can affect or stop your period. Or you could have some hormone issues that are throwing your cycle off. (1 replies)
... The same exact thing happened to me, I had a miscarriage (d&c) and then had a period 30 days later, then 34 days later the next period, then by the next month I was pregnant. I could tell (from signs) that I was still ovulating, for some reason my cycles were just longer...I still dont know why. But this pregnancy has progressed normally (now 37 weeks), so try not to worry... (1 replies)
... I found out I had a missed miscarriage in March and had a D&C on April 3rd. It was not pleasant, I bled for 3 weeks and had contraction like pains every night for 3 weeks and finally passed really large clots at the end of the 3 weeks. Anyway, I got my first period in May, 31 days later in June I got my second one and now 32 days later, my third one. I thought I was pregnant... (1 replies)
... Often with a natural miscarriage you don't need to have any further procedures and your body takes care of it on its own. You have the miscarriage and then wait 1-3 more cycles before TTC again. Sometimes you need medicine to help your body cramp and remove all the tissue, and sometimes you need a D&C procedure where they scrape out your uterus. You need to talk to your Dr to... (1 replies)
... Probably the hcg hasnt returned to 0 yet. Did you have a D&C or natural?? (2 replies)
... Some of the pregnancy hormone (hcg) could still be left in your system. Did you miscarry naturally or get a d&c? (2 replies)

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