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... Thanks for your resoponse.;) It's quite a bit of bleeding, it has only been 7 days since my D&C but I stopped bleeding completely for about 4 days and now it's a lot. Should I be concerned that something might be wrong? I have a little bit of cramping too. DOes anybody know of any complications that can arise that would contain the problems that I am having? My... (4 replies)
... Hi sorry we're even having to discuss this. In any case, I'm going through a miscarriage now. I went for my first prenatal visit 9/30 and should've been about 7 weeks. I left with all of my prenatal vitamins, orders ofr labs and my order form my first trimester u/s. I figured since I was off that day, I'd get the u/s out of the way. Went in to find out that... (5 replies)
... Yeah, but the chance of having another miscarriage after only having one is not very least that is what the doctor told me. ... (4 replies)

... I think it was good to wait to get your tubes tied...I mean after two need a girl! hehe...although sometimes boys come in threes...yikes... ... (4 replies)
... Did you have a D and C, did you go to the doctor? ... (1 replies)
Is this normal??
Sep 21, 2008
... I only had brown slow bleeding for two weeks after D and C. So I dont know if what you have is normal. It could just be your uterus emptying out..but the best bet is to go to the Doctors office... ... (3 replies)
... I have read that it varies, did you have a d and c? ... (1 replies)
... Thanks for the replies. I just wanted to make sure that it's normal. I'd really like to put this behind me and move on, but it's hard when your body keeps reminding you! (5 replies)
... Is it possible i misscarried at 7 weeks pregnant they scrapped it no d&c but my breast are super tender again and i havent started my period and i took 3 hpt 2 good ones and 2 cheap one and all came out posative could it be im pregant again or hcg is in my system it had dropped from 2200 on friday to a sat at 1100 may 8th 08 wouldnt my hcg levels be gone already ? (2 replies)
... I just got home today after my DNC and I am having the same symptoms. I also still have heavy bleeding along with terrible cramps! ... (2 replies)
... I also found out at my 12w that there was no heart beat. THis was almost 2 yrs ago. I had a DNC right away. I passed pieces of tissue during the next 3 periods. including, in the first month, a HUGE piece! I was so scared, I pulled it out of the toilet to look at it. It was definitely, tissuey and not a clot. I would always have light bleeding between my periods during... (3 replies)
... That's good to hear Scibba! Hope you're coping okay. Take care, Numb xoxoxox (2 replies)
Exercise after D&C
Dec 31, 2007
... My family, neighbors, and DH are being very supportive. I have also decided not to get into the gym until I am totally off the pain meds. I did not think I would need them much, but I am much more sore than I thought I would be. (2 replies)
Exercise after D&C
Dec 31, 2007
... sorry for your loss, have you got friends/family for support? I would think that gentle exercise is probably ok but dont push yourself as you might be physically and mentally exhausted to do any exercise. Do takecare of yourself and dont rush things as your body and yourself probably needs time to re-adjust to what's happened. Best wishes wenXXX. (2 replies)
... I'm sorry you are going through this. Try to relax...I know - easier said than done. You may be stressing yourself out so much that you are not ovulating and therefore you are not having a period. Your hormones may be out of whack still from the pregnancy and d&c. Maybe you should have them checked, as well as thyroid function, along with your pituitary. I'm glad that... (1 replies)
... My first period is due anytime in the next two weeks. I had a natural miscarriage and no D&C. I know we aren't supposed to use tampons during a miscarriage, but can they be used the first period afterwards? I hate pads. (1 replies)
... said the bleeding I'm still having will stop while taking the progesterone then when I'm finished taking it, I'll have breakthrough bleeding then a couple weeks after that, AF should come. So fingers crossed this works, I'm so sick of this prolonged recovery. ... (6 replies)
... Thanks CW! I will go in to the dr for another checkup to find out why still bleeding. It just gets frustrating as want to start trying again! (3 replies)
... I was only about 6 weeks, but the tubal stopped growing about 3 weeks I think. My #'s never got above 563. They did an ultra sound and couldn't see anything. My dr. did a D&C on the 26th of July and didn't get any fetal tissue. So that's how he decided it was in the tube. He didn't want to do the shot of MTX because it's dangerous, so we didn't. I've just been letting my body... (3 replies)
... I think it is normal. I just had my D&C last Friday and I'm still bleeding. My doctor told me that you will bleed off and on for about 2 weeks. (3 replies)

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