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... Prada, I'm so glad your meeting went well! Sounds like you are in good hands. It's funny how we start using protection again after we just did all kinds of weird things (Robitussin, pineapple juice, temps, kits, etc :dizzy: ) to get pg. Now we try hard to avoid it. LOL! Praying they find a little something that's super easy to fix. Sorry, don't know anything about D&Cs,... (4 replies)
... So a week ago I had a suction D&C. Didn't bleed much just a little red spotting at first which then turned to brown and no cramping..I thought I was a lucky girl,then sat I was working at family office, I went to turn off all the lights in building before heading home and felt wetness on lower thigh. It was a good amt of blood. since sat I have bled heavier but no clots or... (4 replies)
Sex after D&C
Aug 10, 2006
... C on July 31st after 10 weeks of pregnancy, my husband and I had sex about 1 week later it didnt really hurt but it was very dry in there. ... (4 replies)

... I had a miscarriage in March of this year and have had a period every month since then and my cramps are nothing at all what I have experienced. It is unbelievable. I had a D&C on March 15th. I have had a period every month and every month, I just have this weird pain I've never felt. I get sharp pains in my vagina, which leaves me trying to contain myself because I can feel... (2 replies)
... s going down to zero. Once they were, all there was to do was grieve my loss. I was told to wait 3 months too, whichI did after each loss. ... (9 replies)
... Like you, husband and I had sex just recently. Ours was Sunday night. I have read online that some women have gotten pregnant this soon after the m/c. The fact that you didn't have a d&c is better, I hear. Everything I read about those who DID get pregnant so soon afterwards did go on to have a healthy pregnancy. Good luck! Are you ttc when you have your next cycle? ... (6 replies)
... You know I came on this board right now to ask a very similar question...but read yours... I had a m/c on 6-10 and I bled for only 4 days.I was 7 weeks along. For the past few days I have been feeling very sexually excited (Sorry for that) but that is how I get when I am ovulating and there is also thick white discharge..I also get that before period. I was told to wait... (6 replies)
... DH and I decided that we'll ttc after the first normal cycle. I've been using OPK's for the past couple of days out of sheer curiosity to see what my body might be doing. ... (6 replies)
... My cycles were very light right after my d&c with little or no cramping for months. It's been 7 months and they're back to normal now. (9 replies)
... Thanks for the reply, JellyB. I have a feeling I'll be taking some sick days around then! I have such bad cramp in a regular month, I'm not sure how I'll handle it if it's worse. I was almost 8 weeks when I had the D&C, but my babies (twins) only lived to be just over 6 weeks. Best of luck to you as you TTC again! I'm sure it will happen for you very soon. We're going... (9 replies)
... Do, you mind me asking how far along were you? I had a D&C in December. I was 10 weeks. My first AF, exactly 28 days later, was VERY painful and very heavy. The Dr. said it was normal and Everything I've read has said the same thing. So, be prepared. I thought something was wrong because it was so heavy, but, it eventually slows down. I also spotted for a long time... (9 replies)
... It took me 6 weeks after my d&c before my period started. (3 replies)
... How long did it take to get your period after having a D&C? I am going on week 4 since surgery. I am expecting it could take up to 6 weeks. I hope I get it soon. LOR] (3 replies)
... p bear sorry for your loss also. although i did not have to have a d&c i waited for one af before ttc again, i was lucky enough to get bfp that month too i am currently 35 weeks. wishing you the best for the future take some time to grieve my gp gave me a sick note for 3 weeks after my m/c and said i could see him whenever i needed to bless him. don't push yourself with... (5 replies)
Sex after D and E
Feb 13, 2006
... I'm sorry for your loss. I had a D&C back in Dec. My Dr. said it was o.k. as long as I was't bleeding anymore. For me was about 2 1/2 weeks because My Dr did a horrible job! But that's a whole nother story! But after that, about 3 weeks post, we had sex a few times, with a condom (to prevent infection) It was a bit uncomfortable the first few times, though. But,... (1 replies)
... Just had a D&E one week ago. When talking with my doctor prior to the procedure, he was gun-ho about trying again right away. Just one menstral cycle waiting period. I'm just hoping my AF shows up in just the 4 weeks time. I'm using IVF so I'm not sure if they need to put me on the pills to regulate until the next period or if it can be done without the pill as my... (6 replies)
... How long did you wait to TTC again after you had a D&C (how many cycles did you wait), and did you have a successful pregnancy? (6 replies)
UTI after D&C
Jun 7, 2005
... Will check in tomorrow after surgery.... ... (8 replies)
... Nope, not pregnant yet. Hopefully soon. My motto now: Third time's a charm! (I remember now I waited 6 months before TTC again after the first loss (various reasons); but I got pg on the 4th cycle;started TTC after 3 months after the 2nd loss, taking a bit longer to get pg this time) -believe :cool: (9 replies)
... Hi I'm 25 years old and have always had normal regular periods. I've never used "the pill" as a contraceptive. On the 1st of September I had a D&C done due to a miscarriage (6-7weeks pregnant) on the saturday 25th of September I seemed to start my period, however there were no me trial cramps etc and it was very light, so light couldn't use a tampon and even with a pad on... (0 replies)

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