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... I dont know if mine was normal but I bled for about a month very lightly but enough to know that it was still coming out. Does that make sense??? Ya I bled for a month straight!! (1 replies)
... I am sorry for you guys as well. I didnt take it tooo hard because i had just got a new car and new job and am looking for an apartment. And a baby at the time would have put alot of things on hold for me. I was going to have the baby because i felt i should deal with that issue and i didnt agree with other options. So im not saying im happy about it because im not at all but... (5 replies)
... Hi Sweetest Pink, So sorry about your miscarriage, you're in the right place for support...I, like Pooger, had a missed miscarriage, which means the baby died, but our body did not naturally expel it. I had a D&E at the hospital about a week after my baby had died (at 12 weeks), and I am on week #4, STILL bleeding. I did not go back for my follow up, but that's a whole... (5 replies)

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May 14, 2007
... I know how you feel. I turned 37 in January and I am also feeling the need to try again right away. I lost mine at almost 10 weeks (I had coceived just days after my birthday) although it stopped growing at 5-6 weeks. I had a d & c and it was a long recovery for me (7 weeks). I am just starting to feel like myself this week. I had been in alot of pain and was feeling... (8 replies)
... and hopefully hearing some encouraging stories of success after such disappointment. ... (6 replies)
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May 11, 2007
... mother in law coming. It's hard to put on a happy face and entertain when going through so much pain. I wish you luck with that. I'm sure you will be fine. Maybe after she leaves, you and your husband can go on a little vacation to clear your head. ... (8 replies)
... Hey Amanda! No! You're not the only one angry about what you lost. I'm sorry about Mother's Day coming up. I know I will be missing my little one too, but I also have 4 beautiful children to lift me out of my sadness on that day. One day you will be able to put it all into perspective. I know it's so hard to understand why we lose our babies that we want SO much, but we... (11 replies)
So Sad today
May 3, 2007
... Since you girls have had miscarriages so close have you had any hormonal problems?? I had my first period after the d&c but then april's period was suppose to come and it never did. Now its May and I still havent started. Im going to my ob/gyn Tuesday but Im scared he is going to put me on BC to regulate them. Have you guys went through this at all? Have you ever wanted your... (20 replies)
So Sad today
May 1, 2007
... Hey Pooger (and to all the girls), I just wanted to say hello and to see how you're doing today. I just got back from the mall with my 2 girls. They drove me crazy the whole time so I know I am getting back to my old self again (right after the miscarriage I had no energy to get annoyed at them). I have gone 2 whole days without crying , and I'm able to tell people about it... (20 replies)
Feb 19, 2007
... I called the doctor and they are putting me on Provera for 10 days and said to call them if my period did not start within a few days after finishing the medication. ... (8 replies)
... Hi danakscully64, Glad to hear you went to see your doctor, but not too impressed either that he/she didn't give you the oportunity to ask questions! Isn't that why we pay to go & see them? Some Drs are so lousy.... i'd consider going to see another one darl, cos you deserve some answers if there are any. I tried to send this post on Friday before you even went to the... (5 replies)
... that there was no sign of a fetus after a vaginal ultrasound. ... (7 replies)
... Hi there Unsure88, Thankyou so much for your kind words. They mean a lot to me!!! I am sooo sorry to hear of your lost twins. That is sooo sad & I think you are so brave honey. I guess we have no choice but to be brave do we? It sounds a little bit cleashay, but itís true isnít it. We are all brave & no matter how hard life knocks us down, we seem to bounce back, and... (25 replies)
... we'll go for another round. That said, in all honesty, my friend who got pregnant a week after I did... Ideally, I would like to get pregnant before she gives birth. But I'm done trying to plan it all out. ... (13 replies)
... I never saw her after they removed her from me....that must have been so hard but at the same time must have given you some closure too. ... (25 replies)
... The first one i named Sam and the Second one i named Pat. (5 replies)
... If you don't mind me asking, what did you name your baby? I think that is a good idea. (5 replies)
... but couldn't because I had to finish what was happening. I couldn't sit still in the bed and through each segment of pain I would quiver and bend and fold over. After 3 hours of this trauma, a warm gush of blood streamed through my vagina and between my bloody thighs laid my 13 week old baby. ... (41 replies)
... c can last anything from a couple of days to several weeks. The initial heavy, 'clotted' bleeding should ease after a day or two though. In any case, you need to ensure you are getting the correct medical care. ... (5 replies)
... I am so sorry for what you have been through, it is a sad thing to happened and it is perfectly normal to feel empty and low ~ just read back over other people's posts here, there are so many women go through this and we can all recongise the feelings of sadness. I lost two pregnancies this year, ectopic back in March and m/c in July and I still break down in tears sometimes... (5 replies)

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