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... I had a fetal demise at 6 weeks. I had a fibroid tumor in with the baby that took it's life. :angel: The doctor told me it was better this way, because the baby would have been deformed. That doesn't help me feel any better. I thought I was over this, but think I managed to trick myself for a while telling myself that I wasn't sad anymore. My fiancee told our dog he was... (5 replies)
Blood Clot
Oct 17, 2006
... I was watched extremely closely. I went for u/s every few weeks and also went to a perinatologist to have my blood tested regularly. I was considered high risk since I'd had a premature son, 5 mc's and a stillbirth at 34 wks. I stayed on baby aspirin and heparin for the entire pregnancy. I also remained on the heparin for 6 wks post partum to ensure I didn't get any... (6 replies)
... I'll post after my appt. ... (6 replies)

Positive for mthfr
Sep 20, 2006
... After 2 miscarriages my wife tested positive for 2 copies of the c677t (mthfr) mutation.She also has a high anticardiolipin count(but tested negative for the factor v leiden and factor 2 mutations).The dr said she should continue taking folic acid and once she gets pregnant again and we see a heartbeat we will discuss injections.We were wondering if there is something that... (1 replies)
... Hi Jess, I ask the same questions you do! Like you I've never been in hospital with anything.....never broke anything, was never ill with anything (I hardly get any flu) and like you think that I'm 100% healthy but for some reason or another I can't terminate my pregnancies! When I spoke to doc before we started the tests he told me there might be nothing wrong with... (15 replies)
... thanks for your reply :) that is interesting, and gives me a little more hope that what I am going through may be is so hard when you just dont know...and have to depend on doctors you dont really like for all your information! Anyway, thanks again... xoxoxox (7 replies)
... ryo has passed then the cervix will be closed. It closes quite quickly once the uterine contents are emptied. It usually only takes a few hours at the most. Even after a full term delivery it doesn't take more than a day for the cervix to close. ... (3 replies)
... C. My doctor told me to expect my first period about 6 weeks after the surgery. We're all different though so who really knows right! Good luck and I am sorry about your loss. ... (2 replies)
... Firstly, I just want to say how sorry I am for your loss. There has been some quite lengthy discussion around this particular topic in an earlier thread. I live in the UK and following my miscarriage on June 07 this year, I was told I did not need a shot (called an Anti-D here, but same as a Rhogam) because I was only 9 weeks when I m/c. I am Rh negative, my husband is Rh... (3 replies)
... Hey guys. I'm new to the board and I'm hoping I can get some answers if anyone happens to know of all this. I just miscarried on 7/12- the baby was 5 weeks and it was my first pregnancy. Two days before I went into the ER for spotting and mentioned that I am O- and my hubby is O+ so they gave me the Rhogam shot, but then I miscarried two days later. My doc said that if I... (3 replies)
... Well I went for my final Dr. Appointment today after the D & C. They did blood work to see if my HCG levels were back down (will have to go back and redo later if they have not). She also just talked to me about how I was feeling emotionally and physically. She said that we can start trying in 3 months at the earliest and put me on bc to help get my cycles back on track. ... (3 replies)
... Do I have to go back after this one? ... (3 replies)
... c'd or, more sensibly, go and see your Dr. My sister had a similar event and it turned out to be fibroid that she passed, after that she went on to have 4 children with the 5th on the way. ... (7 replies)
... My OB says it's normal up to 7wks post m/c but after that he'll do HCG testing and possibly an u/s and D&C depending on the results. Kelly (5 replies)
... Hi guys. I miscarried on June 07 at 9 weeks. I had a transvaginal ultrasound and was told 'everything has come away'. However, I continued to pass tissue and clots (sorry if TMI) for a couple of days after this, then the bleeding 'apparently' stopped; this was 48 hours ago. So I've had 48 hours of no bleeding, but this afternoon, the bleeding has started again... is it... (5 replies)
... Jane, Glad to hear you feel more reassured and I'd also like to say what a lovely name Fionn is. I named my baby Pip because thats how I described his/her heartbeat when I saw him/her at a 7 weeks scan. Been ttc since April '05' (after unplanned Pg which ended as an early m/c) and only became Pg when I started using OP sticks. I would recommend them as long as you don't... (38 replies)
Sad again
Jun 21, 2006
... ((hugs)) steph. It's so hard isn't it, but there are good and bad days hun. I have a friend who came forward after my m/c to tell me that she'd had a first pregnancy m/c and a month later conceived and carried her now 18 year old son! There is hope! We've just got to keep trying. I really hope your next pregnancy goes well, and you conceive as soon as you are... (6 replies)
Sad again
Jun 20, 2006
... c after that. Miscarriage can be a genetic thing, right? ... (6 replies)
In Need of Advice
Jun 16, 2006
... Well.. now this is tricky! I've just had a miscarriage, but we are all different and mine wasn't the 'emergency' type of bleeding you associate with a m/c. so much so I didn't go to my gp either! until 3 weeks into the bleeding.. it was slow and light so i too figured it was a mucked up cycle. As for them knowing now.. it's even harder, as some women have HCG hormone... (5 replies)
In Need of Advice
Jun 15, 2006
... ch about miscarriages or what can cause them or how they play out but I'd like to somehow find some answers. Also, does anyone know whether months or even years after a miscarriage has occured, whether a doctor can tell if a miscarriage has taken place at some time in the past or not? ... (5 replies)

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