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... my d&c was on dec 14 2008, now it is 23 jan. till now my periods did not occur? (1 replies)
... something similar happened to me... I blamed it on too much walking but I am feeling better now but numbness near incision and some pain occasionally and it has been almost a month since the D & C, and fibroid removal (3 replies)
Exercise after D&C
Dec 30, 2007
... I had a D&C yesterday, and I know exercise should be the last thing on my mind, but I want to get into the gym and start getting healthy. I have my check up in 2 weeks, but I would like to get back into the gym in a few days. Does anyone know how long I should wait till I can get into the gym for some light working out? (2 replies)

... I had a D&C two days ago. I was 8 weeks pregnant with twins. One stopped growing at 6 weeks and 6 days and the other 8 weeks and 3 days. (9 replies)
... Hi Kizy, I also had a miscarriage at 9 weeks but had my D&C 3 weeks ago. For about 7 days, I was bleeding like a period then it lightened up and now, I'm still lightly bleeding. Nothing heavy or major but still annoying!! I'm on day 17 of bleeding! (ugh) I went for my 2 week follow up w/ my doc last week and he said if I was still bleeding on Monday (yesterday) to call him... (3 replies)
... I had a D&C for a miscarriage (8 weeks along baby stopped growing, found out at almost 11 weeks) 9 days ago. 4 days ago I began my period. I used to have heavy painful periods, and this was the absolute worst, worse even than the miscarriage before this one - natural at home. I had horrible cramping and flooding blood. I was also passing very large clots which I read is... (9 replies)
... Hi Ladies, Sorry for the losses....It is not easy for us.. I will say that I have had 4 d&C's and light bleeding is good. That means Dr did a good job.. 2 of my four were not good and the second ones each time made me feel much better. take care.... (4 replies)
... I had the same thing happen a week ago. D&C was performed and I only bleed for a few days. I would not be worried (4 replies)
... I had something similar. I had a D&C in Dec. then AF every month with horrible pain. Finally about 3 months later a HUGE piece of Tissue came flying out!!! THen I never had the pain again. I don't think it was attached, because I kept getting AF, But I think it was just in there blocking my cervix. Have you had an ultrasound? You should request one, I know I should have!... (2 replies)
Sex after D&C
Aug 8, 2006
... I had a D&C and I was told to wait a month to have intercourse I waited about 2 weeks and yes it was uncomfortable for awhile afterwards but I did have bladder and urninary tract infection maybe you should get that checked out. (4 replies)
... I remember my trip to the doctor the morning after my miscarriage began. It was all still so surreal to me as I thought without a doubt that this baby was going to come. I was So sure. ... (9 replies)
... c started but then i had hcg level that was still in the 900's after a month too. ... (9 replies)
... I am glad to hear you are doing well. I just had a D&C 2 days ago so it is good to hear about others recovery. I am doing better physically than I expected - not as much pain or bleeding as I had anticipated. But emotionally, I am worse. I can't stop crying. I am sure this will get better with time. We are going to wait until the end of the summer to try again. This was our... (2 replies)
... i can completely understand. I am 26 yrs old soon to be 27, monday i m/c at 9 wks. 1 wk ago i thought i was m/c went to the er, they sent me home told me i was fine follow up w/ ob so i did that they did no blood work, they did a u/s and said baby was ok, heartbeat was good go home see you in 2 wks, 5 days later i am having a d&e, the doctor came in and said it would be over... (5 replies)
... I found out on December 20 that there was no heartbeat at 15 weeks. I use a midwife so they gave me a doctor at the practice since I didn't know any of them. On December 22 I had a D&C because she told us that would be the safest route. She wasn't very friendly and just matter of fact. Even at the hospital I got more support from the nursing staff than her. She was in my room... (5 replies)
... hello etaner i did not have a d and c but did have m/c. i waited to have one af then ttc conceive again and got pg first time trying. good luck to you ttc post m/c. (6 replies)
UTI after D&C
Jun 6, 2005
... You are about 4.5 weeks post d&c, right? I think having had the antibiotics for the UTI (I am assuming it was some broad spectrum abx) you have probably also taken care of any possible uterine infection. In my situation, I had retained poc for over 12 weeks. I think that extended time had a large part to do with it. Thank you for asking how I am doing...I am OK, I... (8 replies)
UTI after D&C
Jun 6, 2005
... Hi EMH, Even though I was positive for UTI and had the antiobiotics. I now have products of conception still left inside of me since 4/28/05 D&C. I guess those were the symptoms all along.... (8 replies)
... didn't get everything and your body passed it. I would go back to the doctor and get an ultrasound to make sure that everything is ok. I also had complications after I had my first baby which I passed lots of large clots and eventually hemorrhaged. So I know the discomfort that you are going through. ... (3 replies)
... After my follow-up, the Dr. said it IS normal. My HCG level is at 39 now, so my levels are dropping as they are supposed to. (2 replies)

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