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Partial molar
Sep 17, 2005
... thank you for reply.No its definately a partial molar. As far as I can tell a partial molar and a molar are treated the same if the hcg levels do no fall quick enough. With a molar pregnancy there never was a baby present. With a partial molar a baby did start to develop but there were too many chronosomes for it to survive. She had a scan before they started chemo that is... (10 replies)
... You should go back to the Doctor. They can do an ultrasound to see if anything is left inside that might be causing your symptoms. I had to do this last week (had a D&C after I thought everthing had passed). I wasn't feeling ill though, they just did an ultrasound as a precaution. I have read that un-passed material can cause infection or eventual infertility, so... (6 replies)
... Well the story goes the first one, i have all the pre natal care in the world and i got to 3 and a half months after a scan and i felt different i dont know how to discribe it, something was not right so i insisted on a scan, and it wound no heart beat. ... (6 replies)

... I can't believe it, I just had a follow-up ultrasound and the sac is STILL in there after all this horrible days of bleeding & cramping I went through trying to do it natural! Now I have to get a D&C anyway! AAAUUUGGGHHH! (3 replies)
... This may or may not help......but it's helping me get through this......studies have shown that after having a miscarriage, that the chances of a sucessful pregnancy are higher. ... (15 replies)
Jul 28, 2005
... Mama, I remember tiffany exhausted me to no end going two weeks over her due date and being forced to start contractions. Kailie came a few days early but after a serious fall where I pulled every muscle known to man so the last week of carrying her was torture. ... (36 replies)
Molar Pregnany
Jul 27, 2005
... Smurfy,My levels took 11 weeks after my d,c&e to finally reach negative and they were in the hundred thousand range not million.They actually were slowing dropping but the important thing is that they were dropping .As for bleeding I bled pretty heavy on and off for almost 1 and a half months but everything is fine now (2 months later) and my periods are becoming normal and... (3 replies)
Jul 27, 2005
... Wait until after the HcG test on Friday. They test twice to see if there is a rise in the levels from one day to the next. If there is, she's pregnant. If not.... ... (2 replies)
Jul 23, 2005
... By appointment time I will be 9wk 3 days on according to u/s. This is pecular to me to talk in days but now each one seems like such a mildstone. I don't have the issue of hungry all the time mine is the direct opposite, food is the last thing I want and I seem only to eat to for go the morning sickness which rarly happens in the morning!!! I am pretty certain... (36 replies)
AF post M/C
Jul 20, 2005
... I cannot answer your question, but I can say that after my 2nd D&C I have had very short cycles like 3 days, usually they last for 6. I have severe cramping and headaches and feeling sick... I guess it takes a while for the body to get back to normal. (6 replies)
... so i miscarried last week. today is only day 4. and i'm still bleeding, as i suppose could be expected. but i keep wondering how much is too much. the night i miscarried i bled a lot into the toilet, then the 2 days after it was still pretty heavy when i went to teh bathroom and i'd get gray-ish stuff on the tp (graphic, sorry) along w/ clots and blood. but last night and... (4 replies)
... I talked with my friend who would be due one week after I would have been due. I hated to talk to her about her pregnancy, but she does not rub it in. I do not want to go to her shower or even see her. ... (3 replies)
... I am very new to message boards. About a week ago I was bleeding just a very small amount. First pregnancy for me. I called the Dr. and got an ultrasound. They said the fetus was nearly 6 gestational weeks. My Dr. said I had a 50/50 chance of miscarriage and arranged for blood tests for hormone levels the following days. That night I really began to bleed. I had... (15 replies)
What might I see?
Jun 17, 2005
... said to come back and ask for them after it was over. He said the baby measured 5cm. I'm dialated half that, so I've got a little ways to go. ... (4 replies)
Af post m/c
Jun 14, 2005
... I don't know what to do i think it is too late this month i o'd yesterday unless dh has been clumsy no chance this month. i don't know whether to try after next af but i guess when af has been and gone i will know if i am ready to ttc straight away. Guess it is just apprehension of another loss. ... (11 replies)
Jun 1, 2005
... Cupcake3, I was only 6 weeks along when we found out about the molar. I had no complications before finding out,and I had no complications during or after the D&C. My HCG levels dropped quickly to negative (4 weeks) and then I started going to the doctor once a month for monthly blood tests She said this was standard and even mentioned that some doctors make you wait a... (21 replies)
May 24, 2005
... ood vessels constricting, a common side effect is cramping and headaches. I bled so much for so long, I couldn't tell whether it was from the methergine or not after a while. ... (6 replies)
May 24, 2005
... Has anyone ever been prescribed Methergin by your OBGYN after a Miscarriage and D&C. I had methergin on 5/12 prescribed for a 24 hr dosage (2 pills every 4 hours). the side effects are headaches and severe cramping. I had the headaches right away and almost seizure like symptoms. On 5/20 I have severe cramping and bleeding almost like a cycle. Not sure if it is a cycle... (6 replies)
... It has been almost 2 months since my D&C and they suspected a molar however my tissue just got sent away to a bigger hospital for the final word,So I will have to wait another month to know for sure but they pretty much think so.I heard you should wait a year to try again and my doc says the same however I dont want to wait that long I guess my question is has anybody not... (2 replies)
... Well After last week's craming, bleeding and backache. things took a turn for the worse. We went to the hospital midnight as the bleeding got worse. the Dr. ... (10 replies)

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