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D&C and advice
Nov 5, 2007
... making me wait so long. She seems to think that since I bled so much that I have passed everything on my own. After she yelled at the fertility clinic, they called me and told me to come in tomorrow for an ultrasound. ... (7 replies)
... I am going to begin bleeding before Monday and have to go to the ER to have one. I'm so scared on top of feeling just broken. How much pain can I expect to be in after the procedure? ... (4 replies)
... y started getting more painful and were lasting longer and longer and I was also bleeding and passing clots. Needless to say the cramps were really contractions. After 2 hours I had the final contraction that helped me finally pass a large amount of tissue. ... (17 replies)

... ight up. This way i know everything comes out, no parts of anything left in. didn't want to risk a infection. Also plus on that iwe were told we could try again after 1 period. ... (5 replies)
... I usually start pretty light, but a lot more than I am now, and I have a lot more cramping usually too. I'm not sure what is going on. I also bled like you for about two weeks post D&C. So the timing would be almost right. I'm hoping it is my period, I don't want it to wait months before returning. I'd like to do another IVF in a few months. I also had a missed miscarriage. I... (4 replies)
... I had a miscarriage at 6 1/2 weeks, had a D&C about three weeks ago. Yesterday I started LIGHTLY spotting, I mean one tiny spot a day, don't even need a light day pad or anything. Anyways, I was wondering if this is normal? I don't know if it is my period trying to start or what?? It's very confusing. I'm also having very light cramping with it. Does this sound like my period... (4 replies)
... C and had almost no cm for months and months, this has now improved dramatically after acupuncture for fertility. ... (4 replies)
D&c question
May 1, 2007
... Well, it looks like my first ivf cycle will result in a miscarriage. I find out for sure next week. I have a couple of questions??? First off, if you miscarry at 6 weeks, do you usually need a D&C, or will you most likely miscarry naturally? If you don't naturally, is there some kind of pill or shot you could take to make you miscarry? I really do not want a D&C. I don't like... (19 replies)
... Hey I have also had a D&C. Actually 2 for the same baby..complications. But I am curious because I too have weird pain around the time my period is either starting or ending and its in the lower ab. right above the pubic bone which I know is the uterus. Tell us what they find out when you go to your appointment. Keep us posted because I would be interested to find out why this... (4 replies)
... and got my period exactly 28 days after the surgery. ... (5 replies)
... It took me 2 1/2 weeks to get a negative HPT after a D&C, so I would say completely normal. I was desperate for a negative also so I could feel that the process was happening, it felt like forever to get the negative and then forever again to get first will happen and i know it is frustrating but either you let your body do this in its own time or you go for D&C and... (4 replies)
... Oh my goodness! Bless your heart. Sounds like you're still passing Products of Conception i.e. placenta and fetal tissue, but this is after 2 D&Cs?! :confused: Could you have gotten pregnant again and this is another m/c? Sorry I don't have more advice, but I hope it all works out well. Take care. -believe (7 replies)
... I'm so sorry for your loss. I also had a natural m/c on 2nd may. it is totally normal for your AF to be up the wall for a while. This could take up to 8 weeks to return - depends on the individual. Also normal for dr's not to want to investigate the m/c on the first or even 2nd one. :( Sad but true that they only really look into recurrent m/c's. But the good news... (4 replies)
... Yes, this is normal. I had cramping and bleeding for 2 1/2 weeks after my d&C. I passed some tissue along the way too. The whole area was sore and painful for about a week to a week and a half after. It is surgery! You'll be o.k. take this time to relax, grieve, and eat a lot of ice cream. Hope this helps. JellyB (8 replies)
... Not really? HAve you seen your Dr since the D&C? I would call and tell the Dr, see if they can give you an ultrasound to check things out? Not to frighten you, Please------I am just saying this as I passed a large clot of tissue 1 week later after D&C and thus needed another D&C. (6 replies)
... HI Ladies,, Sorry to hear about both your recent m/c. Time will heal all... I m/c april. Had 2 d&c. After the 2nd D&C my cycle came on like 2 days later, very bad cramping.....Since then my cycle has only lasted 2-3 days max were as before I Was approx 5-6 days.. Lots of cramping now more than ever but I think it is all normal... Hope this helps... (5 replies)
... Hi there I am feeling very sad and looking for posiable answers. I m/c'd for the 9th time last week and I was just in my 9th week. I wish I knew why my body did this, it hurts so much and I can't really trust pg signs anymore. After letting my doctor know exactly how distressed I am he agreed to investigate for my DH&I. One thing I came across in light of recurrent... (15 replies)
... released after Dr. ... (7 replies)
... Hi Dana, Thanks for your post, the funny thing is my SIL's name is Dana too! I try to give her hope and to stay positive and to keep smiling. I feel so bad for her, she has wanted children for ages. Have you had any fertility testing done? She is contemplating having this done but must wait until the end of October (3 mths after the D&C). She is trying the Billings Ovulation... (4 replies)
... My sister in-law had a D & C last July, she experienced a missed miscarriage at 11 weeks, they have been trying again to get pregnant since the end of August. Is it true that it takes longer to conceive again after having a D & C? Any ideas as to why it may be taking them so lond to get pregnant again? When they conceived the first time-it had taken them 5 mths. They have no... (4 replies)

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