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... So here it is June 13th and i got my first period yesterday morning, I have a medium flow with no clots and now I have a bit of clotting and more cramping. Do you think that since it has been a while that's bringing on the clots? ... (5 replies)
... c bleeding was light but prolonged for weeks until my first 2 periods which were intensely heavy with clots and even a few tiny pieces of what looked like rind. ... (3 replies)
... rgency room. The doctor there did a pelvic exam and ultrasound and said it was because I had large amounts of blood and blood clots. I had been expelling these clots all day, some bigger than others. But, a few hours after I returned home from the ER, I passed a large piece of fleshy tissue...not the baby thank god.... ... (3 replies)

... C. I was passing quite a lot of clots and it is quite scary, I felt very weak too. Never the less, it was all fine in the end. Better out than in. Good luck. ... (6 replies)
... went to turn off all the lights in building before heading home and felt wetness on lower thigh. It was a good amt of blood. since sat I have bled heavier but no clots or cramping though. ... (4 replies)
... Have clots about size of a quarter but then again I've been REALL inactive due to my severe pain. ... (1 replies)
... I can tell you my doc was not at all invasive as I passed blood clots last weekend. ... (6 replies)
... My Dr told me that if the bleeding didn't taper off within a week to go back. I only had a couple of small clots but a friend of mine suffered very badly with cramps and clots and within 5 days she was back to normal. ... (4 replies)
... I had clots for awhile as well after my miscarriage. I would fill those large pads like crazy, about 1 every couple hours. ... (1 replies)
... in Oct. and I didn't bleed for a few days after it. Like four days. Only light spotting. ... (4 replies)
... Last year I had a D&C and I thought everything was done. Well, about three days later I started cramping really badly for about 36 hours, finally I passed a huge clot. My uterus didn't end up going back down to it's regular size after my D&C, so a clot formed, and I had to pass it. It is actually somewhat common. If you have any blood or leftover clots, you will cramp until it... (3 replies)
... pain feels like it is deep inside my pelvic area and it's like something is in that area. It is just too weird! I just wonder how normal this is!! I do pass more clots now than I ever have. If next month is like this, I will probably call my doctor. If anyone has experienced this please help!! ... (2 replies)
... e as my cervix was open by the time I got to the er, and dialated fully for the miscarriage. I will say, I had huge blood clots after that miscarriage, and my period was heavier a month afer. Either way, the whole thing really stinks! ... (4 replies)
... natural at home. I had horrible cramping and flooding blood. I was also passing very large clots which I read is why I was cramping so badly. ... (9 replies)
... didn't get everything and your body passed it. I would go back to the doctor and get an ultrasound to make sure that everything is ok. I also had complications after I had my first baby which I passed lots of large clots and eventually hemorrhaged. So I know the discomfort that you are going through. ... (3 replies)
... me, I am done sir." He laughed and said, even though I grunted about it, to come in next thurs and he will check me again and if I am still cramping and passing clots he will give me the medicine to cause the contractions, to expell what is still left. ... (4 replies)
... then the cramps came and just got worse. after passing another 6 or so same sized clots i called my dr who said this was normal and i would bleed for as long as I didnt but heavier like a period. ... (5 replies)
... C after hemorrahging on Oct 3rd. I didn't have my first period after those two surgeries till Nov. 12th and it was unlike any period I have ever had it was light bright red with no real clots and only lasted like 2 days... ... (6 replies)
D&c question
May 2, 2007
... tic which is just numbing the cervix. I had 3 injections The first 2 injections did not sting but the last one did. I was not told about the side effects till after I started to complain. I could not hear. ... (19 replies)
... fertlized egg and now I never have any clots. Is that normal. I tended towards the clotty side before. But I don't even know if THAT is normal and not having any clots is. Hope alll goes well at the appt. ... (4 replies)

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