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... I was 8 weeks and 2 days when I found out my baby had died at 6 weeks. We know it was chromosonal. ... (14 replies)
... s until at LEAST 7 weeks, because before that it might upset me to see no heartbeat, when in fact it just can't be seen yet. ... (6 replies)
... neither physical nor emotional. My thoughts on this involve emotion. I'm not sure I can mentally go through "labor pains" and not have a baby. I'm sure I'd be fine physically, but it's the emotions I worry about. ... (14 replies)

... ht now. I have miscarried twice within the past year, so I know how devastating it can be. I think your doctor should have said something if your pregnancy was at risk. Maybe they thought they were doing the right thing by not causing you to stress too much, but I think I would rather know if I was an at risk pregnancy. ... (2 replies)
... For others it comes on like labor pains. Contractions, timed apart, and then expelling. ... (14 replies)
... Today was my 2nd ultrasound and there was still no heartbeat detected from my twins. ... (6 replies)
... miscarriage...I hope that its not the case for you, but if it is there are many women here that are ready to comfort you. I had a similar situation but baby was at 8.5 weeks, I was 11....I could also clearly see my baby on the screen..not was terrible. I got the D and C the next day. ... (4 replies)
... sureness, i don't think they should say anything at all..... ... (9 replies)
... I agree that 6 months may be too early. ... (6 replies)
... a newby so i'm not sure how to really explain my experience very clearly, but i'll do my best so that you should get a pretty uncomplicated idea of what happened and maybe be able to share some of your knowledge with me. ... (25 replies)
... starting TTC in January 2004, found out we were pregnant in Feb. 2004, lost it at 6 weeks pg in March 2004. ... (1 replies)
... S. We found out there was no activity and no longer a heartbeat. We saw the heartbeat at 6 weeks... it was 103 so we took that as a good sign. I haven't had any bleeding...yet. ... (4 replies)
... My hubby and I have tried to get pg for 8 years now and by some chance on a trip to Mexico in May it happend, we were extatic to the point of beleiving this was our miracle baby and nothing would happen to it. ... (3 replies)
... It did bring closure for me to go through them. It was very difficult. My 6 week loss was like a very mini labor. ... (14 replies)
... C two days ago. I was 8 weeks pregnant with twins. One stopped growing at 6 weeks and 6 days and the other 8 weeks and 3 days. ... (9 replies)
Molar Pregnancy
May 7, 2007
... nt for HCG level tests every week until it fell to 23. Now I go once a month. I was also told that I will have to have my HCG level tests done monthly for a year and then she will tell when it is OK to start TTC... I am really at my wits end at 38 years old, will be 39 this year.I feel like I am at the end of my rope. ... (32 replies)
... C. At 6 weeks, I had a few days of spotting, then one day of a bit heavier bleeding, then the bleeding completely stopped. ... (4 replies)
... I would be 15 weeks now and was told at 10 weeks the baby stopped at 6 weeks. That means it has been 9 WEEKS!!! My doctor told me my body is probably taking care of it and not to worry. She didn't even want me to come back in? ... (17 replies)
1st miscarriage
Sep 30, 2005
... hi cody's mom i am sorry for yuour sad loss :angel: , my first pg ended in m/c at 6 weeks and i was gutted i felt so robbed of the future, however i had one period which came 31 days after i started my m/c bleeding (like you i had a complete m/c i.e. i did not require a d and c) . Dh and i started then trying again and luckily got pg that month i am now moving into my 15th... (3 replies)
... s showed a very strong hb at 8w2d it was 172. ... (6 replies)

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