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... ew I no longer had a viable fetus, I wanted to end my emotional suffereing and give my body the quickest chance to heal so that we could try again ASAP. I had a DNC the next day. The moment they woke me after the surgery, I bawled like a baby. I had very little pain, felt like I had all the closure I needed. ... (18 replies)
... when will my period be normal again after a dnc? ... (3 replies)
... dnc miscarriage how long for my period i had the dnc done on the 20th of march i was seven weeks (0 replies)

... Two weeks after my DNC I was ovulating again.. . My perios were messed up and still are.. I had the DNC in late Nov. of last year. I get my period every 2 weeks. My body bounced back well, excpet I kept producing breast milk way after the DNC. ... (9 replies)
... i just had a DNC 2 weeks ago, unfortunately. I was 9 weeks and had the choice of either passing naturally or dnc. ... (2 replies)
... dnc 14 weeks ago no period what should i do (0 replies)
... I had a DNC on February 13th and I still don't have my period. I found out at my 12week ultrasound that the baby had lived to 10ks. I am starting to get pretty worried. ... (0 replies)
... i got my first period after dnc but i am bleeding irregualrly. i sarted monday night. i wasnt bleeding a lot and no cramps. ... (3 replies)
... still no period, since you had your DNC the same day as me, i was just wondering about your timing. I've always been very regular, so maybe around the 28 I'll get it. ... (9 replies)
... I misscarried and had DNC and I started ovulating abotu weeks after. I bleed really heavy for 2 weeks then I stop and ovulated for a couple of weeks and had period. ... (9 replies)
... that's okay i'm just anxious to know when my body will be on track again i was never very good at tracking my period but it always came on time so it wasn't that hard now that i've had a DNC i have no idea if it's normal or still wacked (9 replies)
... how long did it take other people out there to ovulate and have a period again? ... (9 replies)
... I recently had a miscarraige, but didn't have a D&C as it happened naturally. I saw my OBGYN this morning and she told me that it's the first period after the m/c that is usually the one off timing wise, but that after that you're usually back to normal. She did say, however, that any pregnancy whether it goes to term or not CAN change your cycles some - they may get longer... (3 replies)
... Hi Everyone, I have had (2) miscarriages and after both i had a very heavy period. Not really painful, just a lot of it. It was back to normal by the 2nd one though. As far as how long you should wait, i have seen 3 different doctors since the 1st one, and all of them said to wait 3-4 months. One of them said that your percentage of miscarring (sp?), goes down the... (9 replies)
... d miscarry again. well, still waiting on the period. still no signs. maybe i didn't ovulate two weeks after, but three weeks after. that means i won't get my period until april. ... (9 replies)
... up if I still have not started my period he will put me back on my RX. ... (9 replies)
... up on the 6 of April and we will see if all is well. Before I was pregnant I would never have my period on time I was on medication to have my period once a month so I will probably have to get back on the RX to get regular again. When do you and your dh plan on starting to try again? ... (9 replies)
... Hello tiffania my understanding of a 'D and C 'is that your womb/uterus is emptied whilst under general anesthetic. In England you have choices whether you would prefer to have a medical management (a tablet which expels contents of womb through you having pains like a very bad period, a D and C or let it happen naturally. I recently had a medical management as had a missed... (2 replies)
... had my period for almost 20 days but then all was back to normal and the two periods after got back to their normal routine of 28 day cycle etc. ... (18 replies)
... E procedure and my period came 29 days after I had it done. I'm not really sure when I might have ovulated...wasn't in my intrest at that time! ... (9 replies)

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