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... ew I no longer had a viable fetus, I wanted to end my emotional suffereing and give my body the quickest chance to heal so that we could try again ASAP. I had a DNC the next day. The moment they woke me after the surgery, I bawled like a baby. I had very little pain, felt like I had all the closure I needed. ... (18 replies)
M/c and DNC today
May 12, 2008
... just had a miscarriage four days ago, and they let me go home without a dnc. Im wondering how long it will take for me to pass my baby. I'm scared to death. Is a dnc painfull? ... (1 replies)
... wondered y they did the procedure in the first place, two weeks after the first dnc i went for a sonogram n there my baby was in my urteus, because of the first dnc it caused me to lose the baby, so they did another dnc, my question is could i have sex with my husband a week after the second dnc? ... (1 replies)

... Two weeks after my DNC I was ovulating again.. . My perios were messed up and still are.. I had the DNC in late Nov. of last year. I get my period every 2 weeks. My body bounced back well, excpet I kept producing breast milk way after the DNC. ... (9 replies)
... dnc miscarriage how long for my period i had the dnc done on the 20th of march i was seven weeks (0 replies)
... how long after a dnc can you conceive again the soonest please i have a dnc scheduled in a few days for a fetus who stopped growing at around 9-10 weeks. im devastated and would want to try asap again. (2 replies)
... the hospital and miserable while it took over a week to pass my son Cape. MY son Jayden was born at 32 weeks and is going on 2 now! Has anyone ever experienced a DNC right after you loss the baby? ... (1 replies)
... I had my period 30 days after the DNC and now month 2 is here and I'm 6 days late? ... (3 replies)
Oct 30, 2007
... what is a DNC how long after a DNC can you get pregnant again (1 replies)
... i just had a DNC 2 weeks ago, unfortunately. I was 9 weeks and had the choice of either passing naturally or dnc. ... (2 replies)
... if it is what they call a "missed miscarriage" (meaning the baby is dead, has been, should have been miscarried but wasn't) they usually recommend a DNC. If a miscarriage has already started, they ususally let you wait it out. But usually everyone can always opt for anything, no matter how far along they are, depending on their situation. I was 11 weeks and opted for a DNC... (12 replies)
... I believe it all depends. I know people who had miscarriage at 12 weeks and did not need dnc also i know people who had dnc after 8 weeks, it depends if you want to wait it out or if the dr. thinks your body has not expelled everything. i think everyone is different. ... (12 replies)
Pain after DNC
Mar 11, 2005
... I had a DNC 9 days ago. ... (3 replies)
... I am currently having a miscarriage and scared. Not sure how far along I am, doctor confirmed pregnancy but my uterus is empty . Bleeding lots of clots. Since my uterus is empty does that mean I won't have to have a Dnc? They said the blood clots are normal but it's really worrying me. I'm on micronor and took it faithfully every single day. (0 replies)
... dnc 14 weeks ago no period what should i do (0 replies)
... My DR told me to wait until I've had 2 normal periods. Now I did not have a dnc, but I beleive its the same either way. I miscarried in August, so Im just getting ready to try again within the next 2 weeks. I know how hard it is to wait, but hang in there and all will work out as its supposed to. :) (2 replies)
... I had a DNC on February 13th and I still don't have my period. I found out at my 12week ultrasound that the baby had lived to 10ks. I am starting to get pretty worried. ... (0 replies)
... i got my first period after dnc but i am bleeding irregualrly. i sarted monday night. i wasnt bleeding a lot and no cramps. ... (3 replies)
... what is the process of a DNC (2 replies)
... Yeah... I'm a little worried because she was about 16 weeks along, which seems a little farther than most, so I imagine that a DnC would be the safest bet. ... (18 replies)

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