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... Thanks for your reply i didn't know i was pregnant but what happened to me in the early hours of the morning im sure i had a miscarriage but needed to know if you lose clots what size are they. I haven't visited the hospital but do you think i should or go to see my doctor. ... (4 replies)
... if i have no syptoms of a pregnancy how would i know if im having a miscarriage? ... (0 replies)
... Hi collegegirl2006, I'm so sorry that you are worried. ... (1 replies)

... Is it possible to have a miscarriage and not have even know that you had been pregnant in the first place? ... (5 replies)
... Welcome to the HealthBoards, we are happy that you are here and will hopefully put our heads together and offer you our help and support. When it comes to womens health issues, I have been there done that! ... (2 replies)
... Wow, thats horrible! I was only 11 weeks, I cant imagine going any further into a pregnancy. ... (2 replies)
... I am sorry to hear you are going through this as well. It's not easy. But that's great news that you have a little one already, although it doesn't make losing one any easier. My heart goes out to you. ... (34 replies)
... what happened and she said that because i had my normal periods and was on birth control that i probably wasen't pregnant at all and there probably was no way to know if that were a miscarriage......but i just don't understand then....what could it of been? ... (43 replies)
... I'm 22 years old. My periods come and go. I usually get about 9 to 15 periods a year. Usually they are normal not to heavy not to light. They are lighter when I get my period twice in a month. ... (1 replies)
... just got worse. after passing another 6 or so same sized clots i called my dr who said this was normal and i would bleed for as long as I didnt but heavier like a period. i explained that i had already soaked through many pads but he still didnt seem concerned. ... (5 replies)
... Do you know if you have a retroverted uterus? ... (6 replies)
... According to my doctor, bleeding during pregnancy is not usually a good thing but some women do. You should go to the ER especially if the clots are bigger then that of a quarter. ... (4 replies)
... I am sorry that you re going through all this. ... (4 replies)
... Thank you for your responses. ... (43 replies)
... If you aren't having excessive bleeding, don't have a fever, and don't have any other physical or emotional symptoms you can't cope with, there isn't any need to go to the ER. If it is a miscarriage, they can run some tests and do an exam, and verify that it's a miscarriage. ... (3 replies)
... Discuss your options with your physician. Women who are earlier in their pregnancy tend to do better with a natural miscarriage. ... (5 replies)
... It's very unlikely that the pills affect your pregnancy or TTC since they are in your digestive tract and sound like they are helpful bacteria. However, if you're concerned or find out from your Dr that they could affect you, it probably wouldn't hurt to change your diet and remove milk. ... (1 replies)
... It's really going to be impossible to truly know without having taken a pg test. Do you have a history of light af's followed by heavy ones? ... (6 replies)
... Hey sweetie, I misscarried 3 wks ago, I did see the baby, or what they call the sack. It looked just like an old grape. It was easier for me to think of it as a group of cells then an actual baby. It was really hard for me to wrap what should of ben my baby in a pad an throw it away. ... (15 replies)
... Hello, everyone. I'm so very sorry for all of the women here who have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth. We WILL see our angels again one day. I wanted to share my story, with hopes of some insight. ... (2 replies)

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