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Help for my friend
Sep 30, 2008
... but in my opinion a second miscarriage means that there is something wrong, especially at her age. ... (2 replies)
... I have 2 friends that I'm very close to. One just had a baby on Friday, and the other friend had a miscarriage, IRONICALLY, the same day. ... (13 replies)
... But went back due to the extreme pain and slipped right back into the room unnoticed. I was there almost all day. A friend had came and they were looking for me. She dragged a nurse in, to give me some pain meds. Discharge instructions were to see my OB. ... (0 replies)

... Hello, everybody...My friend just told me that she had a miscarriage and was rushed to the hospital. ... (2 replies)
... c. I think it s normal to blled for a few days after ....actually a friend had 10 full days of bleeding. ... (1 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear that. I know anectdotes don't mean much, but if it helps my friend had a miscarriage and just a few months later conceived again and now has the most beautiful baby boy, with no problems in her pregnancy at all. All the best to you. ... (13 replies)
... She could also contact her States Department of Welfare. I've been in the same situation before! I was accepted for medicaid and they paid all the bills for my miscarriage, even tho I didn't have coverage when it all happened! Tell her not to worry about the bills right now it'll all work out in the end. (2 replies)
... Hello, everyone. I'm so very sorry for all of the women here who have suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth. We WILL see our angels again one day. I wanted to share my story, with hopes of some insight. ... (2 replies)
... Recently, my best friend of all my life has become extremely sexually active, and she is only 15 years old! And on the past January 27th she had missed her period, and was very sexually active! ... (7 replies)
Help for my friend
Sep 29, 2008
... Her doctors never said anything to her about saving the tissues to be tested, and they told her that it's "normal" and that they don't want to do anything. She had a lot of problems with the first miscarriage. She had heavy bleeding for almost 2 months, and was is and out of the hospital repeatedly. ... (2 replies)
... If anyone who's ever had or knows about a miscarriage could tell me if these symptoms sound right I would appreciate it. ... (43 replies)
... So the delivery of a 34 week live baby would be considered a premature birth. There is no way it could medically be considered a miscarriage at least not in today's terminology. ... (5 replies)
... e. You can develop an infection if anything is left behind, and that can ruin your ability to ever have kids, and endanger your life. THAT doctor is an idiot. My friend took her birth control EVERY DAY at the same time, she NEVER missed, and she got pregnant with twin boys. ... (5 replies)
... first of all im so sorry that your friend is going through this awful pain nobody should feel this, A miscarriage feel like the nd of the world, unfornatly your friend is going to have to feel this for awhile, its the only way to grieve and for her to move on with life. You cant force her to talk, move on etc. ... (13 replies)
... My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex which isn't uncommon but we've never once had issues as my BC keeps us protected without fail...when I take the pills on time. No issues there until a few weeks later. ... (1 replies)
... The best thing that you can do is allow him to talk as much as he needs to talk. You may not have to say anything at all... just knowing that someone will listen may be enough. You may also want to remember the anniversary of the loss or the baby's due date and let him know that you remember. The same with Father's Day. (1 replies)
... well my friend wasnt the one who had the miscarriage,his ex girlfriend is the one who had it,so how do i support him ,because he's so upset because they tried for so long to have a baby together and then once she left him she found out and then she lost the do i help him? (1 replies)
... Also, have you ever had your bf and yourself tested for sexually transmitted diseases? ... (43 replies)
... were in your second trimester. I don't know if this was your 1st miscarriage or not, if you've had more than 1 then your doctor may be able to do some tests to see if there is a reason for it. ... (9 replies)
... uess a lot of things people say are in attempt to comfort me, but they often come off in a way that i feel denies me the right to grieve. so i'd say, allow your friend to grieve, be there for her, ask how she is, be a shoulder to lean on, but don't try to make it better through comments such as the above. ... (13 replies)

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