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... I then must have gotten pregnant on the following Monday. It's possible, trust me! My daughter was born this past May. ... (2 replies)
... I know doctors tell you to be careful and wait a certain amount of time, but I know a lady who miscarried her first pregnancy. ... (11 replies)
... A girl that I know went to a clinic to get on birth control. ... (1 replies)

... I had a miscarriage on November 10th, but mine was termed a "missed abortion." I know that's just the medical term for it, but it just sounds so ugly. ... (10 replies)
... I had a miscarriage july 2005, and was absolutely devastated. ... (10 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear about everything, but don't give up hope yet. I miscarried my 1st two pregnancies so I know how you feel. I'm now 8 weeks pregnant and everythings seems to be going well. Last week I was scared because I felt like my symptoms were fading, just like you said. ... (5 replies)
... c on June 10th never got my period, wondered if it was possible, tested and it came out positive. This is my third attempt at a baby. the doc has been great doing so many ultra sounds and I have not even asked him to. My baby is healthy and growing big. ... (3 replies)
... I think I may have just experienced a very early miscarriage. ... (43 replies)
... When my period didn't start I knew I was pregnant. So, I took a pregnancy test at home and it did confirm that I was pregnant. A week later I got a uti a went to the emergency room because I was concerned for my baby. While I was there I noticed a light light pinkish in color after I used the restroom. ... (9 replies)
... We have a healthy 3 year old daughter and have been trying to conceive for over two years. ... (2 replies)
... had some blood tests done to check for the lupus and the blood clotting disorder and those have come back normal. I have one son but have not been able to hold a pregnancy this time around. I have been wondering if its something with being pregnant the first time that is causing these problems this time around. ... (1 replies)
... I am so sorry for your losses. May I ask you, did you do any testing or anything after your 3 miscarriages between your 2nd and 3rd child? ... (6 replies)
... Bare with me because this might be a bit long. For starters, I have had an unusual mentral cycle ever since my first period. ... (0 replies)
... Has anyone gotten pregnant right after a miscarriage and before getting first period? ... (1 replies)
... d I are probably the most in love couple in the world. We are best friends and I have no complaints with him at all. But you should have seen the problems we had after our lost pregnancys! ... (16 replies)
... I last got my period In November..i was supposed to get my period on December 10th.. I was late and thought I was pregnant up until 2 days ago. I started light bleeding for about 2 hours right after that I started bleeding very heavily. ... (2 replies)
... Im not sure whats really going on but i am desperate, scared, alone, and cant sleep. Ive recently went to a doctor to get on some mediaction to help me with high blood sugar, pcos, and weight loss. pcos is polysystic ovanrian syndrome. irregular period pretty much. ... (2 replies)
... days. I had no clue it was coming, I just happened to go to the washroom around lunchtime and saw a small amount of red blood on my underwear, the bleeding increased a little over the next couple hours but it wasn't as much as a period. ... (41 replies)
... It's happened to me twice and both times I had a healthy full term baby. The first time, I got pregnant within three weeks and the second time it was only 9 days after I miscarried that I ovulated again. ... (3 replies)
... days with only light cramping. I tested again two days later and it was negative. For me, I don't think my Hcg levels ever got very high, because I was only able to get positive results on the early result tests. ... (5 replies)

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