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... hi my name is steph.. im almost 17..and i think im having a miscarriage..i got my period on sunday..happy because i didnt know if i was pregnant and now im bleeding seriously heavier then normal and my back is hurting..and omg i seriously dont know what to do..i just broke up with my boyfriend... and hes mad at me.. ... (6 replies)
... my boyfriend ejaculate in me all the time and now i think im pregnant i should be o u think? ... (4 replies)
... my boyfriend ejaculate in me all the time and now i think im pregnant i should be o u think? ... (4 replies)

... i posted before on a diff thread and didnt get much of a response so i am hoping this will help more. 3 months ago i had a very heavy period with lots of clotting. The next 2 months i just spotted lightly if anything. about a week ago i started spotting very light pink. ... (1 replies)
... abdominal pain and a fever. Not to mention i've had quite a few headaches. ... (1 replies)
... I went through the same thing late last year. firstly you cannot blame yourself for not knowing you were pregnant and having had some drinks.. So many of us walking around had mums that did the same thing. ... (1 replies)
... I doubt you're having a miscarriage. You need to see your doctor though. Plus, if you are going to be having sex, you need to protect yourself. You're too young to get an STD or have a child. ... (6 replies)
... how soon can i get pregnant after a miscarriage.... i just miscarried on friday...i found out i was preg on monday...i was only 5weeks..bleeding has due for my next period on dec 10th. i missed my nov. 10 period due to the preg. ... (2 replies)
... Im not sure whats really going on but i am desperate, scared, alone, and cant sleep. Ive recently went to a doctor to get on some mediaction to help me with high blood sugar, pcos, and weight loss. pcos is polysystic ovanrian syndrome. irregular period pretty much. ... (2 replies)
... I had been on the pill since December and not going to lie i did forget to take a pill here and there and i only started to take the last box 11 days after i stopped taking it instead of 7... ... (1 replies)
... brownish copper. I have'nt felt myself at times and i dont know why. Since this period has started, i've been getting a sharp pain in my stomach and cramps once in a while but thier little cramps. I just feel theres something not right with me and this has never happend to me. ... (1 replies)
... but i did feel like i pulled a muscle. ... (0 replies)
... I think you should test again. Since you already have a history of low hcg levels i think it might be possible you never lost your baby or you were carrying twins. Did you ever pass any tissue? ... (2 replies)
... ive got a question regarding miscarriage, i hope this doesnt upset anyone who has recently been through this, but im asking for my friend who i am quite concerned about mentally. ... (3 replies)
... i had been on the birth control pill for 2 months without a brake in between as i went abroad with my boyfriend and didnt want to be on my period while i was away. ... (3 replies)
... me she had completed 3 pregnancy tests and they were all negative, the past few days she has told me she has been bleeding immensly, and already assumed she was having a miscarriage. This Monday gone she was off work, and the tuesday morning she told me in her words a huge blood clot came out like the size of a marrow. ... (7 replies)
... I think this is what I am having, I had a positive blood test at 15dpo and my level was only 16. I took 3 hpt's and they were positive. ... (1 replies)
... I Usually take the pill but last weds night I got severe nausea, dizzy headedness, tiredness, fatigue. ... (2 replies)
... Did you miss a period or have you been getting one every month because it can be stress related since your going thru this with you ex boyfriend (6 replies)
... It's really going to be impossible to truly know without having taken a pg test. Do you have a history of light af's followed by heavy ones? ... (6 replies)

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