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... days apart then you should actually be around the time of ovulation. Spotting is normal but heavy bleeding with clots is not. ... (7 replies)
... signs were very light. The on the 18 i stated bleeding a little in the morning and by night bettween 10pm sat night and 6am sunday i lost the baby. ... (2 replies)
... (4 replies)

... ut also when i went in on friday to get iud i was bleeding i started the night before it wasnt really heavy but i thought it was a normal period it was more then spotting it lasted from thursday night till friday night then the rest of the weekend it was spotting on and off ... ... (4 replies)
... I got to 11 weeks and had some old blood spotting, nothing major but a few days later I had some backache and light cramping. On the Sunday I had some brown spotting and later a little bit of red. ... (10 replies)
... This past Sept 13th I found out I was pregnant. One week later I began spotting, it was very light so I asked a friend who is pregnant with her 2nd, and she said if it continues to call the dr. ... (41 replies)
Could it be over?
Jan 12, 2014
... it was lightly colored in positive. I have had several miscarriages, double digits, which was later found to be a lack in progesterone. So, I know even if its light and barely there, its still plosive. So, I went to er on the 3rd for some cramping. Hcg was 180 and sonogrsm showed stuff but no sac yet. ... (0 replies)
Another m/c
Oct 7, 2007
... I got worried even though the bleeding stopped Thursday night. ... (4 replies)
... Babyforus, Firstly, my thoughts & prayers are with you & DH & i hope that there is some other reason for the bleeding. Secondly.... i hate the way that Drs & OBs always relate miscarriage to painful cramps & A LOT of red blood, because as many of us who have experienced a miscarriage know.... this is not always the case! I had a missed miscarriage at 17 weeks & my... (9 replies)
... If you were, then the heavier bleeding could possibly have something to do with missing your pill on Saturday. ... (5 replies)
... e it be not a miscarriage. Normally my periods start with cramps and lasts five days, with it starting heavier and tapering off over the next few days. I'm still bleeding and it's been a week, not including the four to five days that I was spotting the week before. Its just not normal. ... (43 replies)
... :( Im new to the board, and I need some help!!!! Im 21 and have been married for 3 years, we fell pregnant back in August of 2003 and in November 3rd of 2003 2 days shy of 12 weeks I lost my baby :angel: after a devasting miscarriage I have been tryign to concive again after now luck we started just forgetting and just going with if it happens it happens method. On... (7 replies)
... Went home and sure enough it passed the same night! Sometimes it can take a couple days to pass everything. Then with my 2nd miscarriage I started to have some spotting which lead to some pretty heavy brown discharge. ... (41 replies)
May 9, 2010
... For the third time that week, I was spotting and I got really worried, we were just getting into the 12th week. They put my in for a quick ultra sound to make sure everything was ok. ... (1 replies)
... I've been on Loestrin for about a year and a half now and I haven't had any problems. About six months ago I started skipping the placebos and starting a new pack, which prevents my period. About one and a half to two months ago, I was off the pill for two weeks until I could refill my prescription, and my boyfriend and I didn't use protection during that two weeks. Well... (2 replies)
... Tulsi, I have had 4 miscarriages and my last two ended similar to yours. During my third loss I was at home, 16 weeks and on my way to the bathroom at 2am when my water broke. I got to the the ER and the baby still had a healthy hearbeat though there did not appear to be any fluid remaining in the sac. I was given medication to induce labor and so on. I was told that I... (12 replies)
... i had 2 miscarriages in a row, the first in Dec 2009 @ 18 weeks and now in Dec 2010 @ 16 weeks. There are a few similarities between the two: a. Second trimester loss b. no pain / contractions c. started with light spotting / bleeding. However, there were a few differences too: a. Preg 1 - water broke at home, Preg 2 - water broke after inducing labor. b. Preg 2 -... (12 replies)
What is going on?
Jul 13, 2009
... evere cramping for 2 hours then it was gone. I passed some clots and then everything seemed normal. My period ended on July 10. Sunday mornin, July 12 I started spotting again and have had light bright red bleeding all day today. ... (2 replies)
... Hi everybody, I miscarried two weeks ago on Aug 3. I was exactly 12 weeks on Aug 3. It was my first pregnancy and first miscarriage. The whole experience is just very traumatic physically and mostly emotionally. I did not think it would be THAT physically painful. Anyway, I was at the hospital when the miscarriage happened. They did an ultrasound scan and the... (0 replies)
... I took the morning after pill after 30 hours of a condom splitting, since then its now been a week and for the first 4 days i had light spotting, and now for the past 3 days i have had very very heavy bleeding, vomiting, and have just felt really ill... ... (1 replies)

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