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... ilized egg is washed out of your system. I thought it's the lining of the uterus that comes out with the egg during a cycle, so I'm assuming that if there's very light spotting then there isn't much in the lining to be expelled. Does my question make sense? ... (2 replies)
... th. I have had a couple random days of very light spotting since then. ... (7 replies)
... Thank you for responding :) I am not due for my AF till June 20th, so I wouldn't think it was because of that. Hmm, I am just not sure what it is- I began to wonder because the last time I was pregnant, I had some light spotting weeks before the M/C, which I think may have been implantation bleeding. (7 replies)

... in Oct. and I didn't bleed for a few days after it. Like four days. Only light spotting. ... (4 replies)
... Well, the spotting continues. ... (1 replies)
... that given the times of my bleeds, i was probably only spotting when i would have normally gotten a period, so i didn't stress too much about it. Also it was brownish so i though it was not an issue unless it was red! ... (25 replies)
... With this pregnancy i had some spotting around the time my period was due that seemed to stop after a week and i had some cramping on and off till about 12weeks. ... (4 replies)
... lighter line than the control line. I was 3 days late when I took it on friday. On sunday, I started bleeding like I started af on the 5th day of my cycle, very light but more than spotting. I had cramping but not as severe as I usually do when I get af. ... (4 replies)
... The spotting had stopped for about 2 days and thought that it was over with and doctor said I was able to resume sex. ... (1 replies)
... s bright red but is definatley coming from my vagina. Could this be implantation bleeding or just a sign of AF. My last period started on August 19th with very light bleeding that got very heavy by August 23rd and lasted until August 26th. When you have light spotting does that still count as the start of your cycle? ... (1 replies)
... Absolutely, I would say that can be a normal part of pregnancy, but it is definitely better safe than sorry... Your wife should go to the doctor as soon as she can, as they can do blood tests to see what her hcg level (the pregnancy hormone) is at. They will probably then do another a couple of days later to see if the level has risen or dropped. If it IS miscarriage, there... (20 replies)
... a think jelly like discharge with a bit of spotting, that lasted about 9 days. Yesterday morning I started having server cramping, pain in my back and legs, and light spotting. ... (1 replies)
... I went up to the hosital yesterday as I was feeling very dizzy and was spotting again. ... (11 replies)
... Thank you both for your posts. I got a blood test which came back negative, my hormones were less than 2. I still don't feel like I had a period, and I still have some of the same symptoms but I've never heard of a false negative blood test. My dr said a chemical pregnancy was possible, but she's not very imformative. She didn't tell me the full truth about a cyst they found... (4 replies)
... Just wanted to add that just because you have some light spotting/bleeding, it can be completely normal in pregnancy! It does not always mean there is something wrong. Some women have regular periods the whole time they are preg. When I had my spotting, the Dr. said that usually there is more of a concern w/ cramping pain, not just the bleeding itself. It is ok to be... (6 replies)
... I woke up to some very light spotting. I noticed something in the toilet after I peed that reminded me of a mucus plug that is sometimes a signal that labor is going to begin. ... (14 replies)
... I found out 3 weeks ago that I was pregnant. My reaction was one of disbelief, it was all my dreams come true, yet all my dreams shattered at once. 3months earlier my partner of 5 years and I decided it was time to try for a baby, so of course I stopped taking the pill (At his insistence). I never thought I would get pregnant this quickly. In a bittersweet turn of events... (5 replies)
... I was almost two weeks late last week when I started spotting pink. Up until this time I had been VERY nauseus and tired. I thought my period was just late, as it can be. The light spotting only lasted one day. ... (7 replies)
... Hi mitbee! I doubt your spotting is related to your recent m/c, especially if you've already had a normal period. Could it be AF coming? Or do you have symptoms of a UTI or anything? I usually spot (but it's a light brown-not pink) a couple days before AF, which I thought may be low progesterone, but labs said no. If it is low progesterone, that can definitely cause a m/c.... (7 replies)
... Friday and Saturday and by Sunday it was just light spotting and completely gone today. Normally my periods are very heavy and lots of cramping and I thought this one would be really bad too. ... (46 replies)

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