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... I had the same thing. I had a lot of bleeding after the procedure and passed tissue, large pieces! like 3" long. during each AF for about 3 months. ... (7 replies)
... miscarriages and after both i had a very heavy period. Not really painful, just a lot of it. ... (9 replies)
... eg test showed dark line but my uterus is starting to go down. He said that could mean that my Hcg levels are slowly declining or it could be that there is still tissue in me that needs to be removed. I was like, " you better not do any more surgery on me, I am done sir. ... (4 replies)

... ng. Then, Monday, while at work, I started to have back pain. I went into the bathroom expecting to have started my period and there was a little brownish blood. After putting on a pad, I resumed my work duties. ... (43 replies)
... upball of tissue about the size of a pea. I passed another little bit in the shower that night, about half the size. ... (6 replies)
... I've had elevated HCG levels for as long as 7wks after a m/c (I had blood testing done to make sure they were falling appropriately). It can take up to 6wks for the levels to return to normal. Elevated levels does not necessarily mean there is retained tissue. Are you still bleeding/cramping? If there is retained tissue you would most likely continue to bleed/cramp. ... (4 replies)
... then the cramps came and just got worse. after passing another 6 or so same sized clots i called my dr who said this was normal and i would bleed for as long as I didnt but heavier like a period. i explained that i had already soaked through many pads but he still didnt seem concerned. ... (5 replies)
... y started getting more painful and were lasting longer and longer and I was also bleeding and passing clots. Needless to say the cramps were really contractions. After 2 hours I had the final contraction that helped me finally pass a large amount of tissue. ... (17 replies)
... at the same time at my last appointment before that I remember thinking that something didn't sound right when I heard the heartbeat. It took my doctor a really long time to find it during my appointment Aug. ... (4 replies)
... know what to do. My husband wants to talk to an attorney due to the emotional wreckage this has caused. I have faced 3 mc scares with this pregnancy, then the d and c, and now this. I don't think I can take much more. ... (6 replies)
D&C and advice
Nov 5, 2007
... making me wait so long. She seems to think that since I bled so much that I have passed everything on my own. After she yelled at the fertility clinic, they called me and told me to come in tomorrow for an ultrasound. ... (7 replies)
... I was only about 6 weeks, but the tubal stopped growing about 3 weeks I think. My #'s never got above 563. They did an ultra sound and couldn't see anything. My dr. did a D&C on the 26th of July and didn't get any fetal tissue. So that's how he decided it was in the tube. He didn't want to do the shot of MTX because it's dangerous, so we didn't. I've just been letting my body... (3 replies)
Sep 2, 2005
... ng. Then, Monday, while at work, I started to have back pain. I went into the bathroom expecting to have started my period and there was a little brownish blood. After putting on a pad, I resumed my work duties. ... (8 replies)
... Hi jo905, Thanks for your kind words & advice & also sorry to hear about your losses also! Sorry it's taken me a little while to reply, however i had a great response to my post & wanted to reply to all who wrote me individually :) It's actually harder than i thought to reply to everyone, as i feel as though i'm not keeping up with them, however.... Guys if you're... (25 replies)
... then set you up for a lorger fall in the long run. They just shouldn't have said anything at all. ... (9 replies)
... have a totally sucky ER here and they didn't really give me answers to those q''d think that'd be a pretty big thing they might want to tell someone right after something like that. my husband's pretty good about that sorta thing...but i just wasn't sure. they didn't tell me the bath thing... ... (2 replies)
... I know exactly what your going though. I have my good days and my bad days also. My DH and myslef have been ttc since 2001 with 2 sad losses :angel: :angel:. My first one in 2004 the day before the first 12 week appiopment to see my doctor I woke up hemoraging. It took us years beofore we said we would try again and with the help of our fertility clinic at the start of... (4 replies)
Did I miscarry?
Nov 24, 2011
... How long ago was this? ... (1 replies)
... Thank you for your input. I recently started to cramp lightly a few hours after I posted my message but also have been having gas. ... (2 replies)
... bit freaking out.. I dont know what to expect. The bleeding is worse today and I've never been through this so I dont know what to expect.. I think I passed some tissue today.. ... (0 replies)

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