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... At work, i have a collegue with quite a depressing miscarriage story, and i am not entirely sure its true, and wanted to find out as much information as possible as its a re-occuring issue almost every day, and it doesnt seem to make sense. A few weeks ago she told me she had completed 3 pregnancy tests and they were all negative, the past few days she has told me she has... (7 replies)
... Hi there, Let me first say I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a mc back in January, and the doctor said it could take 6 weeks for my hcg levels to get back to below 5 (which would not be detectable on any pregnancy test--besides a blood test). I think it only ended up taking about 4 weeks, but during that time I had to go for multiple blood tests to see that the levels were... (2 replies)
... the last time I had a M/C it took like 2 months for my HCg to go to 0. I hope you are pregnant again if thats what you want and it is possible to get pregnant before you have your period after M/C. I wish you all the best,mandy (2 replies)

... Is it possible i misscarried at 7 weeks pregnant they scrapped it no d&c but my breast are super tender again and i havent started my period and i took 3 hpt 2 good ones and 2 cheap one and all came out posative could it be im pregant again or hcg is in my system it had dropped from 2200 on friday to a sat at 1100 may 8th 08 wouldnt my hcg levels be gone already ? (2 replies)
M/c and DNC today
May 12, 2008
... Thats terrible what happened to you. I just had a miscarriage four days ago, and they let me go home without a dnc. Im wondering how long it will take for me to pass my baby. I'm scared to death. Is a dnc painfull? How long till you can go back to work after a dnc? Do you know? What exactly is an incomplete miscarriage? (1 replies)
... I have been reading several of your blogs and have found encouragement in many ways. I am new to this site. I hit 13 weeks of pregnancy today. About 3 weeks ago I went to the OBGYN due to pain in my side. We did a u/s and found a cyst on my Left ovary 12 CM. I was scheduled to have surgery 5/13 because this would place me at 15 weeks pregnancy and it would pose less of a risk... (1 replies)
... hi the same has happened to me on monday at 10 weeks started bleeding went for scan she couldnt find heartbeat and said my baby only measured 8 weeks like you have taken the tablet on tues and go thurs to hospital.I feel totally numb and empty cant stop cryin n also apprehensive as to what is going to happen tomorrow pain bleeding etc.i was not shown the baby on screen and... (2 replies)
... Hello Lovina, am so sorry for the mmc, i had one Feb 07. I did bleed for nearly two weeks afterwards and felt totally emotionally and mentally drained. Takecare and dont rush yourself. wenXXX. (2 replies)
... I had a missed missarrriage at 10 weeks and 4days i went to the hosptial on friday they sent me home told me it normal to have some bleeding at this stage of pregancey and my levels(17000) are very normal. But in Sunday i was thinking about it so i when back to a Hosptial a different one they checked me told me there was no bleeding and it normal to have some bleeding so i... (2 replies)
... i went to the doctors thursday, it was a miscarriage:( am heart broken and my recent ex is not the slightest bit bothered, i have to go to the hospital on tuesday for a pelvic scan to make sure i've passed so heart broken and depressed i just feel like killing myself :( anyways its now 1am so i best go to bed, will be intouch thanx for the advice xxxxx ruth xxxx (7 replies)
... I totally understand you being afraid to go to the doctors... But I hope you did, for your own good! For all we know, it may NOT of even been a miscarriage, but better safe than sorry, right? I'd just hate for you to get an infection or something because of not following up with the doctor... You know? I'm not saying you would--I believe there are plenty of women who miscarry,... (7 replies)
... :( am too scared to go to doctors or hospital :( just my luck its hard for me to get pregnant anyway and when i do i miscarry. :( i best force myself to doctors in the morning:( thanx for the advice i'll be back intouch with the news :(:confused::angel: (7 replies)
... That sounds like what a miscarriage looks like, indeed. But it's hard to say unless you were able to catch some of the tissue. I would still say get yourself to a doctor ASAP. If you have had a miscarriage, they will need to make sure everything is out of the uterus. If there's anything left inside, it can cause infection, which can in turn lead to fertility problems later on.... (7 replies)
... hi i am not 100% sure i was pregnant in the first place, more like 70% sure if anybody understands what i mean, i suffer with polycistic ovaries.up untill last wednesday i had sore breast, sickness etc the usuall possible signs of pregnancy but then thursday morning i wake up in so much pain i couldnt not believe, there was blood everywhere and its still pouring out of me a... (7 replies)
... If you're pregnant, and have had heavy bleeding or cramping it would be a good idea to see a doctor asap. Unfortunately passing clots while pregnant can be a sign of miscarriage, however I hope this isn't the case for you! I would get to a doctor and they would be able to give you some more information, or possibly send you for an ultrasound or blood tests to find out what's... (7 replies)
... i just past some clots in the toilet is it a misscarriage or what (7 replies)
... it is normal for some women to have some spotting after sex while prego. Totally normal. this doesnt mean you are having a misscarriage. If you are still bleeding after a few days of having sex, then i would consider you to call your OB/GYN and ask him what he thinks. But right now i wouldnt worry too much about it.. Just keep an Eye open for lots of blood or spotting that... (2 replies)
... In April of 07 i had a miscarriage first i had the cramping like a normal period so i had a little light bleeding on the tissue when i would wipe. But my breast were so sore ome day it woke me out of my sleep and i took a pregnancy test the next day and yeah it said i was pregnant the next day still some light bleeding but not like a normal period. About three days later a... (2 replies)
... The same thing happened to me. I didn't just have thick, clotty blood, there was tissue. When did this happen? I went to the emergency room the same night just to be safe because I thought it was a misscarriage, too. They told me that there was no sign of pregnancy and it was just cervical tissue. I would suggest going to the emergency room, or at least get a pregnancy test... (1 replies)
... Im so very sorry for your loss, it is an awful thing to experience!I agreee with the previous post, im from england and it is now suggested to women who miscarry to take small amounts of asprin too. i have had six MC nad it certainly doesnt get any easier. im now being tested for Hughes syndrome Also known as 'sticky blood' which can cause mc.take care and try to remain... (2 replies)

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