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... I don't think the last person is clear on what a blighted ovum is. "Blighted ovum: A fertilized ovum (egg) that did not develop or whose development ceased at an early stage, before 6 or 7 weeks of gestation. On the ultrasound examination of a blighted ovum, only the gestational sac that normally surrounds the embryo can be seen. There is usually no embryo inside... (8 replies)
... Like you my baby died at 13wks 6days gestation, but I was supposed to be farther along 16+ wks. And like you I had no signs of an impending m/c. I was also showing and growing. I even had morning sickess up until the day after my D&C.I never found out the sex via ultrasound but after the baby was born I found she was a girl. I had a feelig she would be. I never had any... (25 replies)
... How long has it been since her last period? As the other gals have said, there is a small chance of conception while on the pill. Some studies have suggested that many women will be pregnant and not know it because the time elapsed between conception and bleeding is so short that it seemed like a normal period or random bleeding. Even the most accurate pregnancy tests can't... (3 replies)

... It sounds highly unlikely that the 'random bleeding' is a miscarriage in this case. I have gone through a m/c twice and both times it was accompanied by severe cramps and heavy bleeding. If, on the slightest off-chance she had got pregnant, if she was then bleeding 4 days later, this would not be called a miscarriage. This is what the medical professionals would refer to as... (3 replies)
... If she uses the pill regularly and at the same time everyday, its a very small chance she would be pregnant..but there always is that possibility..i didnt have a miscarriage but my cousin just had one recently and she said she bled ALOT and was in TONS of if she was having a miscarriage, she would bleed more than just a little bit (3 replies)
... My girlfriends on the contraceptive pill, been on it for 8 months or so now, has normal regular bleeding etc. She is on her 4th pill now and experienced “some small bleeding” today. Its stopped it was brief apparently. We have sex without condoms etc, neither of us have STis, the only thing we could think of that causes random bleeding is miscarriage, say she got pregnant... (3 replies)
... I had a misscarriage in May when I was only 6 weeks along, that was my second, the first was at 22 weeks. I just found out that I am pregnant again. ... (1 replies)
... thanks for all your kind words, as its been so long since the m/c i just get the impression that people (who obviously havnt been there themselves) think i should be over it by now because i was only 4 weeks along. i had a missed misscarriage on my first pregnancy where i was 16 weeks but baby died around 10, but i now have a 2 year old daughter who i think the world of, i... (9 replies)
... Hi Jess, I too am RH-. When I first got pregnant, my very first visit to the Dr, they sent me for bloodwork, one of which confirmed my blood type and they notified me right then that I would need an injection half way through my pregnancy and again following delivery if the baby's blood type was positive, or on the alternate, if I had any bleeding I would need the shot as... (38 replies)
... had a spot the size of 3 quaters of blood in my panties. Am I having a misscarriage or is this normal? ... (3 replies)
Losing hope
Jun 5, 2006
... i know wat you are going through coz that's wat i've just missed miscarriage last january and a 99% misscarriage last friday (still checking things out). be strong and try not to put yrself down. it's hard and most people around you cant understand you coz they've not beed through this situation. i keep on hearing people and friends say "c'mon you still... (5 replies)
Preggo again...
May 24, 2006
... Well, I feel exactly the way you do. Sometimes I find myself crying over my first baby. And when I went in to find I had a missed misscarriage with the first one @ 12 weeks (baby only measured to be 9 wks) this time since I've made it through 12 weeks already, I kept wondering if I was still pregnant. Well I'm 14 weeks and still am! They say after you miscarry and you come... (5 replies)
... well 2 years ago i was having irregular AF. in the course of 3 weeks i had AF 2 times the first one was 7 days with a 7day break after wards and then it came back with a vengence for 7 more days....could this have been a misscarriage??? now that i am ttc its just something that i would like some input on. (2 replies)
May 8, 2006
... I had a misscarriage about a week ago- and an early ultrasound & D&C on friday. The tissue they removed did not test + for fetal tissue, so because of the pain I was having (in my lower left side) they gave me methotraxate. Anybody ever have this treatment for an ectopic pregnancy? If so, what side effects did you experience and for how long? I'd call the Dr-again-but it is... (1 replies)
... Awwww Kim, I am so sorry for your loss. I know how devestating it is as I just miscarried my first little one last week. My story was almost identical to yours, I woke up to a pool of blood in my bed.. and just knew I had lost it. I was too passing large clots, unfortunately I believe one of them was the little embryo.. and I was in such shock I flushed it down the toilet. I... (2 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Wish there was something I could say to make it less painful. I had 2 m/c, and I never had a d&c. I was so early (5 wks) that it passed okay. I had f/u ultrasounds to make sure everything passed though. Keep in close contact with your doc, and if you bleed excessively or get concerned, i would let him know or go to ER again. But I don't... (2 replies)
... 2 weeks ago i found myself 38 and pregnant, after the intial shock of thinking that we were only to enjoy grandbabys my hubby and i were delighted. Very early this morning i awoke to a pool of blood in our bed. Hubby and I went to hospital after 3 or so hours and blood test and ultrasound they said it was no longer a viable fetus. Told us to go home and let nature take its... (2 replies)
... Acupuncture will help stimulate your hormones and balance them. It is important to find someone who specializes in this area and takes the time to ask all the right questions about what your experience has been and any past illness. This may help determine what pressure points to work on, which organs need help in rejuvinating, and possibly what they can do to boost your... (4 replies)
... i'm right with cupcake, alucky. because acupuncture can be very powerful and your body has pressure points that he/she can stimulate with the needles. i tried it for the first time last week (not for fertility reasons but for nausea, headaches and energy) and boy, what a difference it makes!!! if you cosider acupuncture, make sure you choose somebody who specializes in... (4 replies)
... Why would you reccomend accupuncture? (4 replies)

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