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... I just had a misscarriage at 6 weeks. ... (7 replies)
... Well I do have to say something that, I went to the Dr. and they checked me out and they said that everything is fine. They also told me that I could start to try after I have 1 complete cycle. Which is good I guess. How long has anyone else waited before they tried to concieve? (15 replies)
... af=aunt flow, which is perhaps an arguably too polite (in that "hide your 'female trouble'" kind of way) term for period. but sometimes af is just easier to type than period :) i miscarried at 7 weeks on june 22nd. there's really no getting around it, it just really really sucks. i felt pretty awful for about 2 weeks, crying myself to sleep, randomly losing it during the... (15 replies)

... Thank you all for caring as much as you do, even though I don't know you guys it seems like I do. You all are understanding. The weird thing is, is that when I went in on Sunday they said that everything was fine the Ultrasound Tech said that there was a sac of blood in there but that was all he said. Then the ER Dr. said everything was fine and did not even mention that... (15 replies)
... If you check out my thread ("6 weeks or natural") you'll see that I too just went through my first miscarriage. My first pregnancy, age 41, through IVF. As I had been obviously planning this, and went through so very much to conceive (daily shots, daily ultrasounds, 2 surgeries....) I was devastated when I found out. My issue was chromosonal. Absolutley nothing I could... (15 replies)
... I too had a m/c at about this stage (3.5 weeks post conception or 5.5 weeks). For me, being my second pg I wasn't as upset about the loss as I was about the fear that it just might not ever happen for us and that my ds would be an only child. I was just so freaked out about what was happening to my body. I was fortunate too because my first hpt at 2 days late was bfn so I... (15 replies)
... hi I am so sorry to hear about your sad news. i posted to try and offer some support i too had m/c at 6 weeks in my first pg. it was horrid i felt robbed of my dreams, it wasn't fair. i do know that unfortunatly there is nothing you can do to stop m/c happening it is something you have no control over, unfortunatly if it is going to happen it will. i know that sucks. however... (15 replies)
... 1) you would be to early for baby to move I just had a misscarriage on the 18th, I was 5 days late and tested about 4 time's and the + signs were very light. The on the 18 i stated bleeding a little in the morning and by night bettween 10pm sat night and 6am sunday i lost the baby. Between that time i had Heavy bleeding then it stoped and now i bleeding again today... (2 replies)
... Hello all, There is something that has been on my mind for many years, and I was wondering if any of you had any opinion: I have been wondering whether I am a "misscarriage that happened to survive". I know that sounds strange. I was born 6 weeks pre-mature, and my mother did not have real contractions (they almost sent her home from the hospital). I know that on this day... (5 replies)
... congratulations best wishes to a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby :bouncing: (4 replies)
... Good news. Doctors office called and blood work came back positive! Gave me quite the scare...they can't explain why I got a negative on Monday though. The important thing is that I'm still pregnant! :bouncing: (4 replies)
... The test at the doctor's office was urine. I had a blood test done and should get the results today. It's SO hard waiting, I'm a emotional mess! I don't know why my dr seemed so certain that I most likley lost it...I should have asked more questions but I was so shocked and emotional, I just felt like I needed to get out of his office... Thanks for your response. (4 replies)
... Was the test at the doctors office a urine or a blood test. If it was Urine they can be wrong due to drinking to much liquids before the test. Are you bleeding? I would be patient and ask for a blood test. (4 replies)
... My husband and I were only married in the begining of May. We decided to stop using protection and let nature take it's course. We expected it to take several months as I have been on BC for over 10 years. To our surprise - it happened right away!! Although shocked we were both very happy. I was a couple days late last week and feeling a bit different so I tested with... (4 replies)
May 29, 2005
... I am looking for someone who may have had a similar experience to guess whether they think this sounds like a misscarriage or if it sounds like anything else. ... (10 replies)
... thanx beanie this is a trying time for me ... (12 replies)
... With it only being 10 days I really doubt she's feeling like a million bucks...unless she was happy that it happened!!!! (12 replies)
... so im guessing shes not feeling like a million bucks ? or am i wrong (12 replies)
... it happend 10 days ago or so . (12 replies)
... If I would have to guess shes probably not feeling the best...she is probably still bleeding if the miscarriage just happened recently! If she is very devastated over the miscarriage I'm sure she is feeling very empty inside! (12 replies)

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