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... so she is feeling not so good than ? or does she feel fine i mean is she bleeding and feeling empty inside ? (12 replies)
... All depends on the person as to how she is feeling! For most people a miscarriage isn't easy to overcome right away both physically and emotionally! Also depends on her body rather or not she is still bleeding and having pains. Maybe she has accepted the miscarriage and is fine and dandy, but only she could say for sure!!! (12 replies)
... so what is she going threw does she feal fine and dandy or is she bleeding having pains ? (12 replies)

... if it is what they call a "missed miscarriage" (meaning the baby is dead, has been, should have been miscarried but wasn't) they usually recommend a DNC. If a miscarriage has already started, they ususally let you wait it out. But usually everyone can always opt for anything, no matter how far along they are, depending on their situation. I was 11 weeks and opted for a DNC... (12 replies)
... I believe it all depends. I know people who had miscarriage at 12 weeks and did not need dnc also i know people who had dnc after 8 weeks, it depends if you want to wait it out or if the dr. thinks your body has not expelled everything. i think everyone is different. hope that helps (12 replies)
... NO you don't have to have a D&C after you miscarry, unless everything doesn't pass on its own then the doctor would probably schedule a D&C. (12 replies)
... I would not think so, my doctor told me that you can either have a D&C done or you could wait to have a miscarriage at home. I was about as far as 10 weeks, and my doctor told me to wait atleast 3 months before getting pregnant again. Some doctors say wait atleast 1 cycle because if you get pregnant sooner the chances of you having a miscarriage are greater. Hope I helped out... (12 replies)
... t. I went back to the doctor today and he explained to hubby and I what probally happened. He said that the cyst that I had may have had nothing to do with the misscarriage but it just hurryed it along. I'm okay... I'm not happy about it but we are dealing with is as best we can. That's all that we can do. ... (12 replies)
... About a year before we got pregnant his sister got pregnant. For some reasons this just was devistating to me. I had had an ectopic and a misscarriage and for some reason it just seemed completely unfair that she should have a baby before I did. ... (16 replies)
... You poor thing. :( I know nothing anyone can say will make things easier for you. Don't feel rushed to get passed this right now. You are not only in mourning you are also coming down from some serious hormons. Let yourself heal in every way for awhile. Oh and your husband... he might seem like life just goes on but he is probably upset too. But he doesn't have the physical... (16 replies)
... I can understand how everyone is feeling. Alot of those feelings are coming back to me as I read these messages. I misscarried twice myself. Once in '99 and the other '00. They were both the worse days of my life. I was 10 weeks both times. I needed an abortion for both since the baby had no heartbeat but never fully released. My first abortion the fetus wasn't analyzed since... (13 replies)
... First of all, let me say I am very sorry to hear that you had a miscarriage. This may help or it may make you feel worse(But hopefully not!!) A friend of mine had a miscarriage in December. She was absolutely crushed. She was very upset when she found out she was pregnant and she was just starting to get happy about it when she miscarried. The doctor told her that when... (13 replies)
... i am so sorry honey i really am, i know how you feel, i had a M/C last xmas day, i was about 10 weeks but 4 weeks earlier i was told the fetus wasnt growing and it stayed the same size as 6 week old fetus, but it handnt died they got a heart beat but a faint one and said they wanted to abort it, i said no but nature took it. To my surprise i was called to see the doctor last... (13 replies)
... misskitty, i am so very sorry this had happened . i replied to your other post about the bleeding. I know exactly how you feel about your friend being pregnant also. When i started bleeding during my miscarriage i was at my sisters baby shower which i had planned and my sister-in-law was also pregnant and due the same week i was supposed to be due . it was aweful seeing... (13 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear about your miscarraige. I have had two and I know the pain and disappointment you may be feeling. Know that it will be alright and you will soon be blessed with a baby. (13 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear that. I know anectdotes don't mean much, but if it helps my friend had a miscarriage and just a few months later conceived again and now has the most beautiful baby boy, with no problems in her pregnancy at all. All the best to you. (13 replies)
... Thanks everyone for replying. I'm coping the best way I can right now. I know that I'm grieving and it will take time to heal.I'm just so devastated and I feel as if my body betrayed me.Misscarriages are common, I know that but I never thought it would happen to ME. One of my best friends is pregnant, we were both around 10 weeks and it is so difficult to see her, maybe I am... (13 replies)
... i'm so sorry for your loss, and can understand your pain and fear. both my brother and his wife and good friends of ours found out at the 2nd u/s that their fetus was dead. i remember how devastated we were. both couples got pregnant a few month later and now have kids. hope this helps. (13 replies)
... I read your posts and was very sorry to read that you had a miscarriage. There is really nothing I can say because nothing could possibly make you feel better. I just wanted to say how sorry I feel for you. But hopefully when you feel you are ready you can try again. Hugs!! (13 replies)
... First off, let me say how sorry I am that it didn't work out. Knowing that there was never an embryo must make it easier to bear, but at the same time the loss you feel is very real. You thought you were pregnant, and so you must feel shattered. I had a non viable pregnancy last year. Actually the fetus died around 9 weeks and my body never wanted to miscarry. I found out... (13 replies)

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