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Missed Miscarriage
Feb 21, 2009
... Hi ladies. I just wanted to share my miscarriage experience in hopes that it will answer some questions for someone. I looked and looked all over the internet for details and answers and found very few. ... (6 replies)
... e. I was 9 weeks long, I thought I was atleast. Had my ultrasound and they saw nothing. The said I must of lost the baby around 6 weeks. They asked me if I had cramping or spotting and I didn't have anything, I was so in shock. ... (6 replies)
... If anyone who's ever had or knows about a miscarriage could tell me if these symptoms sound right I would appreciate it. ... (43 replies)

Sep 2, 2005
... If anyone who's ever had or knows about a miscarriage could tell me if these symptoms sound right I would appreciate it. ... (8 replies)
... I am always amazed at the stories I hear about miscarriage. My girlfriend said she went to the bathroom, had slight bleeding, no cramping and had a miscarriage. I, on the other hand, experienced absolute agony. I went thru what a woman goes thru when she is in hard labor. ... (3 replies)
... just like that. I went home about 1 hour later, I had no cramping, light bleeding, and felt great. ... (20 replies)
... unchtime and saw a small amount of red blood on my underwear, the bleeding increased a little over the next couple hours but it wasn't as much as a period. I had no cramping or any other symptoms. Then just after supper I had pressure, almost like how your pelvic pressure feels during labor, but it still wasn't painful. ... (41 replies)
... i am trying to get pregnant, i had some dark blood spotting and then it go really red with some blood clots, nothing big though, i had no cramping and the blood came just a few days early for my normal period. ... (1 replies)
... d it while searching for stories like mine for miscarriages around 20 weeks of pregnancy. I was just reading stories but I truely hope posting my story, even if no one reads it, will help me with my closure. ... (0 replies)
... When I miscarried, I had no spotting, no cramping no nausea or anything that would have given me any clue that I was miscarrying. ... (9 replies)
... weeks. It wasn't anything what I read about with miscarriages. It was lighter than a period, no cramping, and no passing tissue. It stopped after two days and went to spotting for two days. ... (6 replies)
... first let me say how sorry I am to hear of your loss, I have had similar experiences and even know (almost 2 years on) I have so many unanswered questions which is probably one of the hardest things. I dont know where to start but like wizard,yourself and others I was told my baby had died weeks before than what it had. I know this is not the case because I felt my baby... (25 replies)
... I went to the washroom and found that I was bleeding very heavily. I went through two tampons in an hour and a half. I usually have a light period with little to no cramping. This afternoon when I wiped myself I found I had passed some tissue. ... (1 replies)
... our great pregnancies I didn't expect anything different than with the previous this time. I went for my monthly check up on the day I was seventeen weeks. I had no cramping or spotting at all. ... (9 replies)
... I mean I was told it would be heavy bleeding more than my peroid and so far I havent see that at all. And I have had no cramping what so ever. I was told the bleeding could last up to 2 wks but its usually more than a wk. ... (0 replies)
... well thanks for replying. I actually havent went to the Dr......i didnt even know i was pregnant. I'm still bleeding a little but no you really think i should go to the dr? ... (5 replies)
... Reading the stories of other womens' experiences with painful miscarriage makes me feel like I'm not alone. I recently had a miscarriage at 12 weeks, most likely due to a blighted ovum. ... (20 replies)
... A LOT of red blood, because as many of us who have experienced a miscarriage know.... this is not always the case! ... (9 replies)
... Whenever the uterus tenses to expel something it is called a contraction. Cramping and contractions are the same thing. It is the uterus tightening up. ... (20 replies)
... was almost 10 weeks pregnant when she found out her baby had no heart beat. She was prepared for this, because at her previous appointment the week before, the baby's heart rate had dropped to 76. ... (3 replies)

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