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... If anyone who's ever had or knows about a miscarriage could tell me if these symptoms sound right I would appreciate it. ... (43 replies)
... purplish spot was inside the tissue I expelled. ... (43 replies)
Sep 2, 2005
... If anyone who's ever had or knows about a miscarriage could tell me if these symptoms sound right I would appreciate it. ... (8 replies)

Sep 6, 2005
... The tissue I found itself I can farily certainly say was not the baby if it were a miscarriage. ... (8 replies)
... I decided to take some time to look up what might be happening and the only result for that solid tissue that came out was the result of a miscarriage. However I didn't get much pain aside from mild cramps... ... (0 replies)
... it would be perhaps about a month and a half to two months developed. the tissue i expelled was a sac about 1 inch diameter, though it hurt like hell coming out and felt a lot larger. ... (43 replies)
... I finally understand what they mean by missed miscarriage aswell now, as i thought that meant that you miscarried without realising that you're even pregnant.... like an early miss or whatever they call it. ... (25 replies)
... endometriosis is to do a minor surgery where they make two tiny incisions in your abdomonal and then look with a labroscope to see if there is any blood or scar tissue on the outside of your uterus or ovaries. Then if i found out i do have that, i'll have to take some kind of hormone pills or patch. ... (43 replies)
... xperience is just very traumatic physically and mostly emotionally. I did not think it would be THAT physically painful. Anyway, I was at the hospital when the miscarriage happened. They did an ultrasound scan and the technician said she saw some tissue left in my uterus. ... (0 replies)
... Age. Women older than age 35 have a higher risk of miscarriage than do younger women. Paternal age also may play a role. ... (5 replies)
... I pass clots during my menstrual cycle normally. A miscarriage even a very early one is typically very crampy. ... (3 replies)
Sep 3, 2005
... It does seem like a miscarriage to me also. If so, it may take your body about 6 to 8 or so weeks to get back on a monthly cycle. ... (8 replies)
... She said there was nothing else that the tissue could have been. Also, I am a biology major at school, so I pulled out a bio book and looked up human fetal development. It showed pictures... ... (43 replies)
... nd told her about my experience. She said it was unfortunate that I hadn't come in when it happened because a blood test is only accurate up to two weeks after a miscarriage ussually. I showed her the photo of the tissue. It was a miscarriage. I asked if she were sure, if it could have been anything else. ... (43 replies)
Sep 3, 2005
... I cried after finding the miscarriage board, because there were so many stories like mine, and it really made the possibility more of a reality to me. Thank you again. Still going to the doctor. ... (8 replies)
... chance of miscarriage and arranged for blood tests for hormone levels the following days. That night I really began to bleed. I had incredible abdominal pain. ... (15 replies)
... what does miscarriage tissue look like? ... (2 replies)
... (2 replies)
... Am I crazy for thinking it might be a miscarriage after a neg prenancy test? ... (2 replies)
... Finally at 10 weeks my dr told me my miscarriage would probably be starting soon, it did later that day. It was HORRIBLE! ... (0 replies)

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