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... but my period came and was fairly normal. ... (9 replies)
... my period is VERY normal and has been since i first got it 11 yrs ago but i was a week and 2 days late last month and when it did come, there was a lot of clotting, bleeding, and cramping for the first week or so. it has just recently stopped, yesterday. ... (1 replies)
... late one evening I just started bleeding very heavily. ... (9 replies)

... I'm so sorry! I'm really surprised that they didn't do a blood draw for HCGs. I wanted to share that I have had two early miscarriages where I became pregnant before I had another period. Both times everything went extremely well. However, my doctor recommends waiting one full cycle before trying (I wasn't "trying" when I became pregnant; I wasn't expecting to ovulate so... (9 replies)
... I believe you are pregnant and you may or may not be miscarrying. I highly recommend that you go to the doctor to have HCGs done. They can tell you whether or not your numbers are going up or down. They'll draw blood and then two days later draw blood again. If the number is doubling then your pregnancy is continuing if they go down your pregnancy is ending and you may need a... (9 replies)
... I am not sure why she didn`t do the test...the nurse indicated she would but when the doctor asked how long it had been since the bleeding began her thoughts seemed to change on what she wanted to do. I guess we`ll know more after the ultrasound on Friday. I just hope all is well and I can avoid a D and C. I think we will just let nature take it`s course and see what... (9 replies)
... y blood work but I am scheduled for an ultrasound for Friday to ensure that everything was expelled. She believes it likely was but wants to make sure. She was very compassionate but didn't ask as many questions as I would have thought she would regarding the clots etc. I guess she's likley seen a lot of them. ... (9 replies)
... I am currently recovering from what we think was a very early miscarriage or chemical pregnancy as I am reading about... ... (17 replies)
... It's been a week and I have yet to hear from the Dr. so I know that there is nothing to tell...which is great. I actually feel really good now about most things although I did some grieving last weekend and worry a lot about our chances of ttc again. I seem to physically be getting back to normal now though as my cm seems to be indicating ovulation. My bbt seems weird... (9 replies)
... I hope it all works out for you. What has your Dr. said about it? My mom said they told her that with the scar tissue she might have troubles...obviously not. Actually though she did tell me a few weeks ago, after my miscarriage that she was pretty sure she had one like I did (very late period or so she thought but just a gush when it came) too so this could also happen.... (12 replies)
... So the ultrasound was weird. The tech couldn't tell me much but made some weird comments. One was that she asked if I was still bleeding. To which I replied no and she said "oh" then focused on one spot for a while. At the end I asked if I should make an appt. with the Dr. She said no that the clinic policy was that the Dr. would call me if there were any problems with... (9 replies)
... I am sad to hear of your struggles Mrs. M but it sounds like you have a great outlook on life. Will you consider adoption or fostering children? I am lucky to have one child already...a little terror... I mean two year old who is the light of my life. He was a fabulous baby and everyone joked with me that I wouldn't want to riisk having a second one cause the second ones... (9 replies)
... Thanks Kelly! I am off to the Dr. later today. To be honest I figured I wasn't pregnant at all after Wednesday...the first day of heavy clots passing. But then the bleeding stopped completely and abruptly on Sat. and now I am nauseous again...not all the time but more often than I can explain. But my breasts feel normal so who knows. Guess I'll know more later today and... (9 replies)
... My doctor told me that sometimes it does not latch on right and expels itself. It started that I was late for my period. I took a test, it was faint positive, got bloodwork, it was positive. ... (5 replies)
... st hoping to get a bit of insight before I decide if its worth it to go to the emergency room or not. I don't have any health insurance at this time. I have been very bothered by this since I found out I was pregnant. ... (2 replies)
... I wish there was an easy answer. I had a miscarriage this week at almost ten weeks. Write before I became pregnant with this child. I had a late period and took a test with a faint line. My HCG went from a five to two. The doctor believed it was a very early miscarriage. ... (4 replies)
... ant the first time, i wasn't really sure of my cycle length because while i was on the pill, it was spot on by the packet, so it's hard to determine whether i am late or not!!! ... (14 replies)
... A few weeks ago i thought i was pregnant as my period was late, and so i did a test to put my mind at rest, and it came out positive. I then did another which was negative. ... (5 replies)
... an see I still check in here. The last few months we have been trying to get pregnant again and I did get a positive test but miscarried a few days past when my period was due. I actually wasn't that upset about that aside from being excited to get a BFP and then let down a couple of days later. ... (14 replies)
... me and hubby have been ttc since March!!! In March I missed two periods,obviously the first thought is that you are pregnant,did tests that were all negative,my period finaly showed up so hubby and i continued to BD as usual,i finall got a BFP!! ... (2 replies)

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