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... c. This last Friday was number 3 for me at over 3 months and I had no signs. ... (41 replies)
... Poofy, I am praying for the best for Thursday. That is the day I will find out if my baby is ok. ... (41 replies)
... ould most likely pass on its own. Went home and sure enough it passed the same night! Sometimes it can take a couple days to pass everything. Then with my 2nd miscarriage I started to have some spotting which lead to some pretty heavy brown discharge. ... (41 replies)

... C. Sometimes the body just doesn't do it's thing and get rid of everything. My second miscarriage resulted in heavy bleeding, but pain like a period, although my periods are awful anyways. I have a history of cysts and endometriosis. ... (41 replies)
... does anyone have any advice for me? ... (41 replies)
... Sorry for the distressing time you and your girlfriend are going through. I'm no expert, but am going through a miscarriage myself at the moment, it does sound quite the same. I would get your girlfriend to a doctor for a proper examination. ... (41 replies)
... I went to the emergency room at this point. The cramping became very intense, VERY INTENSE, to the point I was clutching onto the emergency room bed shouting for the nurse to help me!!! The contractions would come every 5 minutes, like clockwork, and last 1 minute each. ... (41 replies)
... i recently had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. and by recent i mean within the last week. ... (41 replies)
... I could tell you more signs that I didn't see anyone else post, I have had 9 miscarries and they were not all exactly the same. Simular. ... (41 replies)
... asound confirmed I had passed everything. The whole process was not at all what I would have expected, I had no cramping, and less bleeding than a regular period for me. I'm not sure what 5th disease is so I can't help you with that but I wanted you to know what my symptoms were like. Goodluck. ... (41 replies)
... The only reason I ask is because for the last three weeks I've been having really bad cramps. Originally the doctor told me I had a UTI and I was given anitbiotics. ... (41 replies)
... e started bleeding super heavy. It's bright red, and it's much more bleeding than her usual period. She says that it's just unrelenting. It won't give up, except for one night where it stopped for a few hours, and just came back full tilt. The bleeding is bright red, and she has pelvic cramps and lower back pain. ... (41 replies)
... I've had a miscarriage and mine started with spotting. Most women on here tell you that spotting isn't a cause for concern though. I was only spotting brown and it was fairly light. ... (41 replies)
... i miscarried about a year ago. symptoms for me were light bleeding at first, with light cramping as well. ... (41 replies)
... I am so sorry about all your miscarriages. I will say a prayer for all of you. ... (41 replies)
... Thanks to EVERYONE that posted. I do feel better about things. It helps to have other women to talk to. Now I'm just waiting for in the morning to get here. ... (41 replies)
... All it says is I tested pos. that's about it. Fifth disease is something that can not be treated. All he can do is keep a close check on the babys heart by ultrasound. He will take blood again Thursday to see if the levels have come down. If the have he said that means it was leaving my body which is a very good sign. Chris (41 replies)
... Hopingchris I know you tested positive on the blood work for fifth. I do need you to help educate me. ... (41 replies)
... Thanks for the words of encouragment. I wish everyone luck on their pregnancies and you'll all be in my thoughts as well. ... (41 replies)
... even realize i was pregnant until the doctor told me what was going on. my 2nd was 16wks. it started as a brown discharge and got heavier and more red. i went for an ultrasound and they concluded there was no baby just the amniotic sac left. ... (41 replies)

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