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... There can be no warning signs whatsoever of a m/c. This last Friday was number 3 for me at over 3 months and I had no signs. I was still incredibly sick (Still am now as I have not yet had my D&C, I do that tomorrow), my breasts are still sore and I still pee a lot. We just went in to hear heart beat again on Friday and the baby was dead. Just a week prior we saw it healthy on... (41 replies)
... Poofy, I am praying for the best for Thursday. That is the day I will find out if my baby is ok. I went looking at baby stuff today wanting to buy things but didn't cause I want to hear that good news from the doctor 1st. I will update everyone as soon as I get home Thursday. Thanks for your post. And Poofy, if by some chance that the doctor gives me bad news,I will want to... (41 replies)
... How do you know when you are miscarrying? Are there warning signs or does it happen & you don't know it until the doctor checks you? I am concerned because I have fifth disease & I know miscarring is a possibilty from it. Chris (41 replies)

... ould most likely pass on its own. Went home and sure enough it passed the same night! Sometimes it can take a couple days to pass everything. Then with my 2nd miscarriage I started to have some spotting which lead to some pretty heavy brown discharge. ... (41 replies)
... MissChicopea, with my 1st miscarriage I didn't have any cramping until during the miscarriage. With my 2nd miscarriage I had cramping on and off the whole time I was pregnant, but was told it was normal which I think it is! ... (41 replies)
... Hi, I am very new to this. I was due on on Wednesday. I came on on monday really heavy to start then went to hardly anything, and what was there was browny colour. Today i went to the toilet and (without being horrible) there was a big clear jelly/lump clot with a darker colour (gray) in the middle. I have been told this may be a really really miscarrage. i am on... (41 replies)
... Sorry for the distressing time you and your girlfriend are going through. I'm no expert, but am going through a miscarriage myself at the moment, it does sound quite the same. I would get your girlfriend to a doctor for a proper examination. ... (41 replies)
... h I was going to pass out from the extreme pain but couldn't because I had to finish what was happening. I couldn't sit still in the bed and through each segment of pain I would quiver and bend and fold over. ... (41 replies)
... C. Sometimes the body just doesn't do it's thing and get rid of everything. My second miscarriage resulted in heavy bleeding, but pain like a period, although my periods are awful anyways. I have a history of cysts and endometriosis. ... (41 replies)
... i recently had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. and by recent i mean within the last week. ... (41 replies)
... Chris, my best advice to you is to think positve and be happy and enjoy being pregnant! And of course Pray! ... (41 replies)
... Generally, you bleed heavily and sometimes the bleeding is accompanied or preceded by severe abdoninal cramps and/or back pain. I have never had a miscarriage, but I am pretty sure you know it when you do. (41 replies)
... ne night where it stopped for a few hours, and just came back full tilt. The bleeding is bright red, and she has pelvic cramps and lower back pain. She had a day of horrible fever, migraines, and sickness. And today, all her pregnancy symptoms just disappeared. ... (41 replies)
... days. I had no clue it was coming, I just happened to go to the washroom around lunchtime and saw a small amount of red blood on my underwear, the bleeding increased a little over the next couple hours but it wasn't as much as a period. I had no cramping or any other symptoms. ... (41 replies)
... The cramping that those of you have experienced during a miscarriage. Was that prior to bleeding, during or after? ... (41 replies)
... I've had a miscarriage and mine started with spotting. Most women on here tell you that spotting isn't a cause for concern though. I was only spotting brown and it was fairly light. ... (41 replies)
... ght bleeding at first, with light cramping as well. then a week after my bleeding got heavier and my cramps grew stronger i started seeing clots and small peices of tissue so i knew i miscarried. ... (41 replies)
... Chris, yesterday I talked to a friend of mine who just had to deal with fifth disease last year, and she talked to the dr. ... (41 replies)
... I am so sorry about all your miscarriages. I will say a prayer for all of you. ... (41 replies)
... c I was so early. Two days later The bleeding was so heavy I went to the ER. I did not have cramps. After hours of waiting we saw the baby's heartbeat and they didn't mention any abnormalities. Two days later I had a follow up with my Dr. ... (41 replies)

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