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My non medical opinion is that so far, there is not much here to really suggest MS; however, that being said- the Brain MRI will be the most telling.

MS mimics 400 other diseseas and although you have eliminated many of them with blood work, until the brain MRI is done- there is always the possiblity of lesions (scars) showing up which will explain your symptoms.

MS doesnt usually present on both sides the way you describe. It also doesnt cause any heart palpitations or anything of the cardiac variety; however, anxiety does- and Im hearing alot of anxiety here, which could be caused by a number of things. Is it systemic? or a result of waiting for your tests? Either answer makes sense. Im sorry that you do have to wait so long for these tests, and I do believe the mental eval will help shed some light on this.

Try to relax. You worry about the time lapse of getting these tests done. If you have MS, youve had it for years and years. Although that sounds scary - it isnt. MS is a progressive disease which is going to either progress, or not- depending on the nature of the disease. Waiting a few months to find out wont make any difference, because there is no cure and nothing you can do to stop it. As crazy as this sounds- live your life as if nothing is wrong. Deal with the symptoms as best as you can, even if it means taking an ativan every night to sleep- youre not going to change anything even if you had the MRI tomorrow.

Im sorry, I know limbo land is scary and that you want answers. We have all been in your shoes at some point. We have all survived it and Im 100% positive that you will as well. We are here to vent to, and talk this through- please try to stay positive.

If I were you I would get a lyme's test along with the other tick borne diseases. My husband had ehrlichiosis from a tick and would up having seizures. My son recently had lymes without any of the usual symptoms. He had heart palpitations that turned out to be caused by the Lymes.

In our area of Wisconsin they do the full test of 6 different tick borne diseases at one time.

Lymes mimics MS.

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