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[QUOTE=kb993;5360306]i am still on Tec despite advancing to SPMS. Anyone else?[/QUOTE]
I was on Tech ( started Dec 2014 in Canada ) I am now off of it as of Feb 2015 . I found Tech by Biogene Idec ( my first and only drug for MS so far) to be awful for me, the MS nurse who set me up on the drug ( which t Biogene gave me) absolutely apathetic , once he had me on the drug he did not care, nor did he return my emails that I sent him about the pain I was having.

I experienced side effects that were not listed on their drug , they did not want to hear about it and basically said it had nothing to do with their drug . Within 2 days I had extreme pain in my knee joints , I could not sit with my legs bent on the couch and could not sleep with my knees bent at nite. The joint pain then started to spread thru out my body, shoulders were next, then elbows and arm area.

Biogene was not open to hearing about their own drug. Tech was only FDA approved as of March 2014..there will be lots more side effects they find out about. In
Feb 2015 they had to pull all of their meds and re label ...putting a PML warning on their packaging , as this PML killed someone in Europe. All of my issues with pain in my joint stopped once I stopped taking the Tech as of end of Feb 2015.

What is SPMS ?

I am now looking into taking Aubagio another oral medication.


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