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I have been having a number of strange neuro symptoms for the last 6 years and hope that some on this board might be able to share their knowledge. I am a male, 48, and am physically active. No diabetes.

The latest is muscle rigidity in colder temperatures. But not very cold temperatures at all - it was just 60F outside according to my thermometer. I was wearing just a t-shirt and long parts, and as I said temp was 60F and there was no sun out. After about 20 minutes outside I noticed in both my arms difficulty moving fingers and wrist. It was worst on the right and when I move fingers up and down and wrist up and down. Went away after a few minutes inside. This has happened to me twice - similar temperatures outside. I have lived in MD now for 15 years and have had my face go numb that I can't talk - shoveling snow at 20F and 30 MPH winds blowing on my face! It doesn't seem normal that this could happen at a comfortable 60F.... or is it?

My very first neuro like symptom occurred in 2009 - Lhermitte's sign. I would feel buzzing sensation on my butt when I moved my head down. Immediately went to a neuro. He ordered xray of the neck, MRI of neck and brain*no contrast), and VEP. All where normal. Over the years this would come and go. Mostly on the left side. Sometimes on the right side. Usually it would be a tight pressing sensation. Sometimes it starts in one sport and moves. Sometimes it stays. Usually I feel it in the fingers. Never had the electric sensation, but I have had tingling sensation on the fingers.

Some time later I started to noticed that if I touch a certain part of my foot, I can also feel the sensation on my thigh. Over time this started to spread to many other parts of my body. Now it is everywhere. Just a few examples: If I touch my ribs on the left side in certain spot, I can feel the sensation on my left elbow. If I touch my face on the right side, pretty much anywhere, even ears, I can feel a strange sensation over my right eye. If I rub my right cheek I can also feel a sensation on a specific spot on my ribs and right my knee. If i touch a specific spot on on a finger on my right hand, can feel it too on the elbow. The list goes on and on.

About 4 years ago I started to noticed rigidity on my left finger when ever it is cold. Specifically it is difficult to move the finger up and down. Goes away If I warm up. This also happens when I start to exercise. As I am warning up starting the exercise I noticed difficulty moving that finger. Actually the whole hand feels strange. I have also noticed that in this stage my hands feel cold on my face. But after everything is warm, it is back to normal.

Recently I have had some strange new systems that I suspect to be raynauds syndrome. But I thought that I'd mention anyway. About 3 months ago I noticed that my hands and feet were really red. Color begins to become normal if I raise my hands over my head. Initially thought it must be an allergic reaction to sometime, but, the issue continued days after. That first instance was the most severe and lately it seems that the color change happens when there is a temperature change. For example, taking a shower, or walking into a room after being outside in colder temperatures.

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