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Really Scared...
May 27, 2015
Hey everyone. About two months ago I began having neuropathy problems when I strained my trap muscle. I was getting tingling/numbness in my right neck/arm and part of my back. I had been taking a gaba supplement for a few months to help me sleep. Only 500mg at night under the recommended dose. I stopped taking it. I made a visit to my doctor My doctor told me to go see therapy. I had a couple sessions and things were going ok. While jogging on the treadmill one night I began to get dizzy, tingling in my right leg, and arm as well. I was scared something was wrong and went to the ER. ER did a CT scan on my brain and said it was normal. They told me to follow up with my doctor. It sounded like disc issue in my spine.

I went to my doctor a couple days later and he told I was fine and to continue physical therapy. I didn't lift weights throughout the process..just did heavy cardio. I had a couple more therapy sessions and felt great. I would occasionally get neuropathy in my neck/arms..but I figured it would go away. A week later I returned to the gym. I bent over to tie my shoes and felt a weird sensation in my back and tingling down my leg. I figured I pinched another nerve or pulled a muscle.

That night I began to experience tightness in my neck and dizziness. I also had tightness in my leg. I was a little worried. The next day I went to the gym and almost passed out. I felt so dizzy and off balance. I went back to my doctor. He told me i was ok and didn't do anything. He just told me that it was nerve irritation. Dizziness started coming in heavy and also had clumsey hands. I also felt very foggy and unable to concentrate. The left side of my neck swelled up one day and could't move it. I went to the Urgent Care. They couldn't do anything. I saw an orthopedic doctor the next day. He did an MRI in my neck and said everything was fine. He referred my to a neurologist. I was scared when he did. I went to my chiropractor a few days ago. He told me it seems like you may have a lumbar issue. Maybe a herniated disc is pinching a nerve. This weekend I started getting shaking in my hands, and spasm's all over.

I saw the neurologist yesterday. I told him I had been taking a Gaba supplement. He asked how long but didn't seem concerned. He said, "Just seems like you still have some nerve irritation. I'm not noticing anything major. I'll take it a step further and do an MRI of the brain to check for any signs of MS." I'm still getting weakness in my right leg and my neck muscles are very tight. What has me concerned is the dizziness while working out. The hand clumsiness has dissipated. It only occurs every once in a while. I still have tightness in my neck..some dizziness/ light headed..worse when working out..spasms...occasional weakness in my arms. My right leg feels weak as well. I woke up this morning and felt very ill. I was felt so weak. I vommited a couple of times. I'm starting to feel better, though. Does it sound like MS? I really didn't think it could progress this fast. Or does it sound like MS or does it sound like nerve impingement with anxiety? I've been taking b12, potassium, and Iron supplements. Seems to help slightly. Any advice is appreciated.
Hey folks. Well after my neurologist appointment I went back to my orthopedic doctor. He read the report and said, "Well everything is normal." He looked at my leg muscles as well as my lower back. He said my legs and back were incredibly tight. So there I went..back to physical therapy :). I went back to the same therapist. She was really confused by my symptoms. Stiff neck, burning around neck, clumsiness, coordination problems with hands, poor balance, and tingling, aching and twitching in my right leg.

The first questions she started asking were ALS related questions. Buttoning up shirts, opening doors, opening jars. I thought, "Oh god please no." Of course..I don't have problems with any. She said my legs were very tight..and very poor mobility in my lower back. She said, "You might have a disk issue in your spine." She looked at me and said, "Are you sure the MRI of your brain was clean? Your symptoms are a little across the board." I told her my neuro said I was fine. He specializes in MS and primarily neuro muscular disorders.

She teamed up with another therapist in her office that specialized in the spine. I described my symptoms. She said, "Yes..your symptoms are classic neck problems. Sometimes nerve irritation in the neck will go down to your legs." She tought me some exercises. I've been seeing both therapists for a few weeks now. My range of motion in my neck is almost normal. I have a few more sessions. I did some weight training at the therapy center. My arms were really shaky. She told me not to worry as I haven't done any heavy lifting for a few months. I still have weakness and aching in my right leg. I have some tingling/weakness/and twitchig in my right leg. On occasion i get tingling in my arm. My dizziness has gone down drastically but my balance is still bad. I'm getting twitching all over, primarily in my right leg..very bad. I can see the twitches. My right leg aches intermittently. Some days it does..somedays it doesn't. Part of me thinks i have ALS..but from what I've cannot see ALS twitching. I was also told by someone who's very knowledgable in ALS told me ALS WILL definitely show on an MRI since it's central nervous disorder. But I've read that only an EMG can truly diagnose ALS along with related symptoms. I'm seeing my Primary Care Doc tomorrow to see if he can order blood to see if I have a deficiency. I'm hoping he doesn't blow me off for the 4th time. If anyone can give me further advice it would be appreciated. Msjay..thanks for your assistance with my journey to diagnoses.

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