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Re: MS fear
Jun 9, 2015
[QUOTE=MSNik;5365858]Hi there.
[I]The fingers you mentioned which are causing you distress, are exactly where you would have issues if you had carpal tunnel. Do you type alot? Do you use your hands in a way that this could be possible ? A nerve conduction test can tell you in less than 5 minutes if this is carpal tunnel. However, it wouldnt affect the legs...they can be affected by a pinched nerve- so can the hands. Especially if you have one in your shoulder/ neck area. Was this ruled out? Usually a CT scan will check for this. The fact that your brain MRI showed nothing is a very good sign; however MS can be found in the spine as well....with your list of symptoms, it would be worth having a MRI of the Cspine and L spine, to rule out any damage in that area.

Yes I type a lot, but I don't believe its carpal...I had some strange feelings also in thumb and index finger, and didn't have any problems before that.

Believe me I would be very glad to be anxiety only, but till now I didn't have any mental problems, also didn't had any problems in my life recently..I stopped reading about MS stuff all around the internet but still I decided to push for spinal MRI, even though also this will not completely rule out MS, but at least It will show if I have some neck problems. I remember before getting the dizziness, I experienced some cracking in my neck, but still this doesn't explain eye and leg problem. I did X-ray of neck spine already, but didn't show problems.

I will list all my symptoms again if someone will found similarities;

- strange dizzy like feeling with nausea (like 2 gases of wine) comes in the morning and usually eases in evening.
-aching like sensation inside right leg..usually follows sciatic nerve path, occasional some tingling in foot, wet feeling between toes, some occasional mild vibration like feeling in foot
-eyes: slow focus from near to distant this comes and goes, on one eye sharpness of distant vision is let say 85% comparing to good eye.
-mild pain for weeks in trapezius back muscle.
-heavy right hand feeling with some mild occasional tingling mostly ring and pinky finger
-few times burning like sensation in leg toes.
-whole body twitching some days more some days less. - this could be anxiety I wont deny it since i was really worried for months about my health.

What I checked;
Blood test together with thyroid TSH (still waiting for Lyme and D&B12 vitamin levels)
MRI brain - clear 1.5 T machine
X-ray of lungs - OK
X-ray of spine & cervical spine - some degenerative changes seen nothing major.
Ultrasound of abdomen - OK
EKG with hart ultrasound - OK
Psychiatric evaluation - OK
Neuro exam -OK
Eye exam - OK

I have no known diseases, taking no medications, I',m active, non smoker, I drink but not heavily, last year around same time I had chickenpox, i remember also feeling dizzy for a week after i started to feel better.

If I found out what's wrong with me I will share..maybe I will help someone with my symptoms.

thanks again for your thoughts.

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