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Hi everyone,

So l was up late last night watching a movie, and by the end of the film I noticed a large black dot on my right eye, and I was unable to see any color compared to my left, and when i closed my left eye it seemed as though laptop screen was grey. I looked up the symptoms and it seemed very similar to a case of "optic neuritis", however, It only lasted for around 2-3 minutes and my eyes have been fine this morning. I've read that optic neuritis can last months so I'm wondering if it's possible for a case to last a few minutes.

I looked up more on optic neuritis this morning and It's quite closely attributed to MS, which is when I noticed that I've developed a few symptoms which may indicate I have it, which are:

Tightness in muscles (legs) which are only apparent when I power walk, which takes around 4-5 minutes of walking but eventually my legs get so sore It makes it hard to walk, however, I've noticed that normal walking and even running is fine for my legs.

Twitching/Ticks - This started happening around 2 months ago but I've noticed little twitches I can't control on my neck, they don't happen very often but happen mostly during stress/anxiety.

Stuttering/Slurring: I can't remember If I've had this since I was young, but nowdays I do tend to stutter/slur some of my words.
Hi there and welcome. Its very[U] UN[/U]likely that you have Multiple Sclerosis. First of all you should know that optic neuritis can happen whether you have MS or not....however, what you desribed isnt Optic doesnt last minutes- and its extremely painful. If you had it, you would be either at the ER or the eye doctor as an emergency.
The other symptoms you describe are not MS symptoms either. Again, if you had symptoms of MS, you wouldnt be ignoring them. They would be serious enough that they would take you to the doctor or the ER. The symptoms you described could be from anything. Simply power walking could do it. Dehydration can also cause those cramps and tightness in your muscles, so make sure you are drinking enough while you are walking..twitching, ticks can be caused by anything...a vitamin deficiency could be the culprit. Maybe you want to consider seeing your primary doctor and having some blood work done to make sure your levels are where they should be...
The stuttering, slurring? Thats definately not an MS thing- and I am sorry that I dont have any advice on that one. Usually this is from child hood and not usually developed as an adult. Maybe talk to your parents or older siblings to see if this happened when you were younger? Or, you can speak to your primary physician about it and see if this is somethng they have ever noticed.
Best to you...

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