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This was my initial onset symptom. Waking up with completely numb hands and arms. It was scary. This eventually took me to a doctor, who told me I had a pinched nerve in my shoulder from the way I slept. Sounds reasonable, since I usually wake up sleeping on my side.

Months later, when I couldnt stand the pain any longer, my doctor sent me for an MRI, which showed over 50 lesions on my brain. I was given a MS dx within 24 hours. (post LP, blood work and seeing an MS specialist).

The big difference? My numbness has never gone away. In 11 years, my hands and fingers have been numb. I know now tht its caused by a nerve which is misfiring in my hands. But, it is a constant thing.

Thats the difference with MS. You said yours "stops" after awhile. MS pain doesnt. You cant heal MS areas of damage- it doesnt come and go.

I really think you need to think about a pinched nerve as I had stated before, you have alot of symptoms of such...
I hope you feel better soon.

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