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Tai Chi is an excellent low impact choice for MSers.

What you are describing happens to me during warmer weather. I do not know what your trigger is, but you might have one (no guarantee). For some, it becomes part of their daily journey. There are "symptoms" which I do not even consider nowadays because I have them 24/7 and I have moved my "normal" definition to include them.

For my hands and feet, cold water in the summer and an extra pair of socks in the winter or gloves for my hands. I have heat and cold tolerance issues. The cold water takes up to 10 minutes for me, but it does "wake up" my hands and feet. If you have a specific starting point for your tingling, try cold compresses at that point of origin. My hands and feet numbness and tingling are only there and do not radiate or move on my body. I also get buzzing, vibrations, and tremors in my legs (often) and arms (occasionally) but these are unrelated to my hands and feet numbness and tingling. :angel:

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