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Hi there. Stop worrying! Yes, a pinched nerve in your neck or spine can cause numbness in your hands. I have the same thing. My entire left hand and fingers throb and have that numb feeling, and although I do have 100 lesions on my brain, none of them line up with numbness in my hands and fingers. And, its random, it comes and goes. MS symptoms do not!
Having had EMGs on my hands and fingers, they are positive that this comes from 2 herniated discs in my neck (C3- C4). Its aggravating, but not life threatening!

Rest assured if you have had MRIs, and the results are as you claimed, MS is not something you need to be worried about.

Lesions, can come from migranes and headaches- even prior infections. MS lesions are very specific in size and shape. Your doctor would have seen if there was something more to investigate. Keep in mind that MRIs can change from month to month, if you are that concerned, get another one in a year to make sure there havent been changes on it. I really dont think you need to worry about MS though. Sounds like you are under the right care.

Best to you..

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