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So I'm new here and terrified right now to be honest. I'm 21 and a UV Student who has a mom w/ severe ms (currently seizures, constant bladder infections, can't remember much, and almost complete paralysis) I think it is about as bad as it can get? The one fear I've had is inheriting that disease though I know people can live with it...I'm active and my brainpower is everything so I just don't think I am one of them. Plus the "unpredictable" thing I don't like. But I am familiar with the disease (more so than average) I just don't want to tell my family and I have no support now up here at University...this is not something I want to tell people. I'm an active advocate and I have enough going on medically (besides this) so this is the last thing I want brought up.

However I've been having weakness and pain recently on top of my normal headaches (which are treated). 3 years ago I had a MRI-Brain/Spine w/ contrast and it was normal. Skip to now and the current MRI of my Brain (again with contrast says otherwise) and I'm pretty sure I have inherited my mom's disease...even the regular neuro says so:

HISTORY: Weakness.
TECHNIQUE: The brain was studied with T1 sagittal, T2 axial, FLAIR axial,
DWI axial and post-contrast T1 STIR axial, and T1 coronal images. Axial
Diffusion imaging demonstrates no evidence of acute ischemia. The relative hyperintense signal in the high right frontal region is felt to be related to T2 shine through. There are several areas of hyperintense abnormal T2 signal noted. There are a couple of small periventricular lesions in the right posterior frontal white matter. There is also a
focal area in the deep frontal white matter on the right side. There is also an area of abnormal T2 signal on the juxtacortical white matter on the right and can be seen on axial T2 and FLAIR image 22. There is one
juxtacortical area of hyperintense T2 signal left temporo-occipital region on axial FLAIR image #10. On postcontrast images, there is some patchy
enhancement which is associated with the juxtacortical area in the right frontal region. No worrisome areas of susceptibility signal loss on the T2 FFE imaging.
No midline shift, herniation or hydrocephalus.
There are multiple foci of nonspecific hyperintense T2 signal in the white matter involving both hemispheres. Primary consideration is demyelinating
process such as multiple sclerosis and ADEM (acute disseminated encephomyelitis). There is enhancement associated with the high right frontal region suggesting it may be a component of active demyelination.
Other etiologies such as neoplastic or infectious I think are less likely. Subacute ischemic injury would be in the differential as well again, given the patient's young age I think that is probably less likely as

Can anyone translate who's more experienced? My regular doc wanted to skip the MRI but I insisted because I know my body better...and clearly so (also paranoia). Now I've been referred to a Neruo but that appointment is far off and I need some words of wisdom now. I'm guessing that will just be more a Lumbar procedure or something...ouch. But I need a diagnosis before I can get better so I guess if that is the issue I choose to know over not knowing. :confused:

But I can't end up with the same fate as my mom I just can' fact as a kid I wanted to save her but I learned I couldn't and its hard accepting that. But now I can't live on for us both? My dream is hiking in seattle w/ my dogs and helping other people (social work I suppose) after I graduate and MS just wouldn't allow that in my eyes. I also don't think I'd ever be able to tell my family because then they'd just see me as my mom so I'm hoping I have a good 10 years then I can at least get away. What can I do to protect my brain and body? At least for a few more years and delay things as much as possible. I want to lead a normal life...that's really all I want...for as long as I can I guess. But ultimately I know it's roll of the dice with MS. :(

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