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I had been under a lot of stress at work. I cover a region and was short handed with staff, so I had to do my duties as well as front end for a little over a month. Upper management was on me not to mention duties of a mom, wife, sister, daughter etc... On top of that Our family went thru a loss and split a once close family into two... Stress level was high I was able to go from 0 to 100 in seconds on someone 🙈
One day as I was driving to work my my heart was racing and my left side of my face started to feel numb, my eye even felt numb. I tought "stroke" I didn't have vision loss even tough I felt I did. No dropping of face. It went away by end of day. I scheduled a Dr appt with my pcp and when I was there she scheduled an MRI to rule out a brain tumor she stated she would order MRI and refer me to a neuro for review of MRI as she felt more comfortable that way. Well the stress came up again and my face became numb again... I go to see Neuro and he says I want to order another MRI as it may be MS oh and he also said I had mild sleep apnea and completed an EEG a week later. So I've been over analyzing and I don't have a Dr. Appt With neuro until mid December to review MRI's and EEG results and I've been researching and trying to read my MRI's 🙈 Below are impressions from all MRI's taken..

1. Multiple punctate gliosis bifrontal lobes. Differential diagnosis includes
but not limited to migraine headaches, collagen vascular/autoimmune disease
versus multiple sclerosis. Reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome to be

Stable scattered punctate foci of T2 hyperintensity within the
supratentorial white matter, nonspecific but unexpected in a patient this age.
Differential considerations include but are not limited to migraine headaches,
vasculitis, postviral states and demyelinating disease. No abnormal contrast
enhancement identified to suggest active demyelination.

No abnormal spinal cord lesion identified.
Mild straightening of the normal cervical lordosis which can be seen with
positioning or muscle strain.
Mild degenerative disc disease at C5-6.
Hi allemotions,

Multiple Sclerosis has a diagnostic criteria (The revised McDonald Criteria). Your Brain MRIs has demyelinating disease as a possible cause (MS is a demyelinating disease). However, a demyelinating disease is a category of diseases and is not just MS.

There are also other possible causes listed for MRI findings, those other possibilities will need to be ruled in/out as well as some other conditions.

Your neck (cervical) MRI does not indicate MS. What it does indicate is mechanical issues (degenerative disc disease (DDD). This may or may not be a non-issue. DDD is quite common as we get older, we tend to wear out :eek: ;)

Stress can cause symptoms such as you are experiencing. Stress can affect a person mentally as well as physically.

It's possible that you may have a medical problem, stress induced symptoms or both. Only your Drs. will be able to sort all of it out. In the mean time you might try learning some stress reduction techniques.

Take care!

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